4 Point plan to expand Citywide Outreach & Workplace Trainings – Public Service Campaign and Increased Medical Screenings

One Police Plaza, NY– Speaker Christine C. Quinn, NYPD Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, and Council Members gathered to announce a citywide plan that will focus on broadening awareness about domestic violence, and how everyone can take an active part in combating it. With the collaboration of city agencies and domestic violence service providers, the goal of the plan is to increase community awareness about domestic violence with substantive training, outreach and public service awareness campaigns. In 2010, there were 75 family related homicides in New York City.

“All too often we hear about a person who has been the tragic victim of domestic violence only when it’s too late,” said Speaker Quinn. “We wonder how we could’ve helped or if we knew how to recognize the signs. With this 4 point plan, we will empower New Yorkers to tackle the issue of domestic violence and stop it in its tracks. I want to thank the NYPD, my colleagues and the many partners that worked so hard to come up with this comprehensive plan to protect victims of domestic violence.”

“The combination of training, community outreach, public education and medical screening that Speaker Quinn has advocated makes for a potent and promising initiative,” said Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly.

“We are committed to raising awareness and putting a spotlight on this very serious issue by reaching out to New Yorkers to ensure they know the services available to victims regardless of the language they speak or their immigration status,” said Yolanda Jimenez, Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence. “Victims should know that they are not alone. Help is available by calling 311 or visiting one of our New York City Family Justice Centers, which have recorded over 130,000 client visits since the City opened the first center in 2005.”

“Legislating against domestic violence is only a temporary solution to an evolving problem. The only way we can as a society win the war on Domestic Violence is by expanding and creating partnerships that involve training and education. We also need to send a message to all women that you are not alone and that there are safe places you can turn to for help,” stated Council Member Julissa Ferreras, Chair of the Women’s Issues Committee.

“For far too long, violence in the home has been whispered about, danced around or simply ignored,” said Council Member Peter F. Vallone, Jr, Chair of the Committee on Public Safety. “We have to let people know that they don’t have to live and suffer in silence – there are many options for help.”

This 4 point plan proposed by the Council includes:

• Bringing Domestic Violence Services into the Community- Outreach effort with the Council, NYPD and Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence to raise awareness of domestic violence and provide information regarding the services available to victims. Targeted outreach in communities that experience a high frequency of domestic violence incidents and homicides. The City Council has also created a new brochure that will help New Yorkers identify domestic violence, learn how the NYPD can help them, and provide other resources. Councilmembers will distribute the brochure in their office and through community events. See Council Website homepage www.council.nyc.gov for the new brochure.

• Expand Citywide Workplace Trainings-Through a partnership with the 5 borough Chambers of Commerce, Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the Partnership for New York City advocacy groups like Safe Horizon and CONNECT will host trainings and best practices briefings on domestic violence policies.

• Announce Public Service Campaign-This fall, NYC and Co, will unveil a public service campaign that will focus on increasing reporting of domestic violence. By getting the community involved in reporting domestic violence, law enforcement can better respond.

• Increase Domestic Violence screening training for medical professionals-The Council will be partnering with The Greater NY Hospital Association to offer increased screening training for their members.

“To effectively combat domestic violence, we must bring the issue out of the shadows,” said Council Member Jessica Lappin. “By raising awareness of domestic abuse, these initiatives help our entire community—law enforcement, medical professionals and businesses—work together to prevent it.”

“Domestic violence is a serious offense that all too often ends in irreversible tragedy,” said Assistant Majority Leader, Inez E. Dickens. “Under the leadership of our Speaker, Christine Quinn, the City Council has worked put an end to domestic violence as well as to protect those who have fallen victim to this crime. This comprehensive policy that we will continue to build upon will hopefully lessen the incidence of domestic violence, protect victims and help these victims heal and rebuild their lives.

“The ‘Four Point Plan’ outlined this morning by Speaker Quinn and Commissioner Kelly will undoubtedly help many thousands of New Yorkers recognize the signs of domestic violence and enable victims and their families to find a reliable path to safety,” said Ariel Zwang, CEO of Safe Horizon, the nation’s leading victim assistance organization. “We continue to recognize and applaud their strong leadership and collaborative approach to making our city safer for all New Yorkers.”

“Community awareness and support for transforming norms that make domestic and sexual violence possible will go a long way to creating safer families and more peaceful communities in NYC,” said Kala Ganesh, Executive Director of CONNECT, Inc.

“NYC & Company is very proud to be able to work with Speaker Quinn and Commissioner Kelly on this very important initiative,” said George Fertitta, CEO of NYC & Company—the City’s marketing and tourism organization and creative force behind numerous public service campaigns including Love Love, Hate Hate and NYC Service. “Our goal is to encourage New Yorkers to stand up against domestic violence and not be afraid to intervene when they see someone in need. People everywhere must be made aware that this issue affects the whole community and domestic violence should not be hidden behind closed doors.”
“The Queens Chamber of Commerce applauds the City Council – especially Speaker Christine Quinn and Queens Council Member Julissa Ferreras – and City Hall and Commissioner Ray Kelly for their work to ensure the safety of women and children,” stated Chamber President Carol Conslato. “Small businesses benefit from a more supportive network for victims of domestic violence; it allows those victims who have or seek employment to work – and everyone benefits. The Queens Chamber looks forward to working with Safe Horizons on this City Council initiative.”

“The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce will work with other chambers and business organizations throughout the city to help educate business owners on this important topic,” said Nancy Ploeger, President, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. “We have been engaged for several years on this front and also with offering financial literacy programming for domestic violence survivors to strengthen economic opportunities for those affected. We look forward to working with Safe Horizons and others on this front”.

“Domestic violence must be stopped wherever and whenever it happens,” said Carl Humm, President and CEO of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. “When it exits the home and into the public, it’s everyone’s responsibility to stop it. This effort by Speaker Quinn and Police Commissioner Kelly to equip business owners with the tools to deal with domestic violence in their presence will go a long way toward preventing it. The business community is proud to help in any way possible.”

“Domestic Violence Awareness is an opportunity for our businesses to break the silence that surrounds the issues of this violent crime,” said Lenny Caro, President & CEO, Bronx Chamber of Commerce. “Providing education and raising awareness are key components to cultivating support for victims and survivors.”

“The Staten Island Chamber of Commerce commends Speaker Quinn’s efforts to educate businesses and the public about domestic violence. We look forward to working with her to spread the word and help stop domestic violence in our city,” said Linda Baran, President and CEO of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce.

To find more information on how to recognize domestic violence and how to get help, visit: www.council.nyc.gov