“Carl Paladino’s statements are not only deeply offensive, but they are dangerous.

Given the horrifying anti-LGBT hate crime recently in the Bronx where four people were brutally attacked, the bullying of Tyler Clementi which led him to take his own life, and the recent rash of suicides by at least seven LGBT youth, Mr. Paladino should be ashamed for his hateful and backward remarks.

As someone who is seeking to a lead our State, it is clear that Mr. Paladino has no regard for the civil rights or the well being of LGBT New Yorkers. We need our elected officials to be leaders on diversity, not urging second-class citizenship for some groups of people.

The Paladino camp is now doing damage control by trying to spread more lies about Andrew Cuomo’s record on gay rights. Those smears are absurd. Andrew Cuomo has and always will protect the rights of all New Yorkers.”