City Hall, NY – City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn today unveiled an Irish remembering quilt, which will be on display at City Hall through St. Patrick’s Day. The quilt, which symbolizes the lives lost in the Northern Ireland conflict, was revealed at the City Council’s annual Irish Heritage event.

The quilt was designed by the family and friends of those lost in the conflict. Members of Relatives for Justice, a human rights advocacy organization that supports the bereaved and injured of the Northern Ireland conflict, brought the quilt to the City Council from Belfast.

City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn said, “We in the New York City Council are delighted to display the Remembering Quilt at the entrance to the Council Chambers. As the people of Northern Ireland move forward with the transfer of policing and justice powers from London to Belfast and a lasting peace and stability is created, the Remembering quilt is an important tribute made by the people who lost loved ones in the conflict. I am enormously proud to share this beautiful piece of artwork with the people of New York.”

“The Remembering Quilt is a project in which families bereaved as a result of the conflict in the North of Ireland make a personalized match in memory of their loved ones,” said Clara Reilly, Chairperson for Relatives for Justice. “There are 49 squares on each quilt and 9 quilts have been created, with more to follow. Two of these quilts will be on exhibition and we would like to thank Speaker Christine Quinn for being such a strong supporter of Ireland and for allowing this project to be on display for the public to participate, learn and enjoy.”