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During PBNYC cycle 5 (2015-2016), New Yorkers had the opportunity to vote for their five favorite projects proposed in their Districts. Each participating Council Member offered at least $1 million in funding for the proposals that tally the most votes. 67,000 New Yorkers voted to allocate $38 million for locally-developed capital projects across 28 Council Districts in New York City.


Project spending per district

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Types of projects funded

Winning Projects

District 3
Corey Johnson

Arts, Culture, & CommunityFunded

Cool Muhlenberg Library. Renovate HVAC System

Votes: 858 | Cost: $500,000

209 West 23rd Street
Replace the building’s HVAC cooling unit to ensure that the branch can continue to serve as a cool space in the summer months, which includes serving as an official NYC Cooling Center.


A New Library for City Knoll School

Votes: 686 | Cost: $300,000

425 West 33rd Street
Technological and construction updates to create a library space at City Knoll School. This project will help engage students and prepare them for the skills needed in the 21st century.


New Audio / Visual System for P.S 11

Votes: 813 | Cost: $75,000

320 West 21st Street
A new Audio/Visual System in the auditorium of P.S. 11. The school needs a working A/V system to fulfill its curriculum requirements for students.

Parks & RecreationFunded

New Trees for Council District 3

Votes: 1083 | Cost: $100,000

District wide
Plant new trees and install tree guards on blocks with few or no trees throughout District 3.


Real Time Rider Information at Bus Stops

Votes: 790 | Cost: $100,000

District wide
Electronic Boards to display real time bus arrival information at five key bus stops, offering convenience for riders. The proposed locations will be subject to feasibility analysis by DOT.

District 5
Ben Kallos


Rooftop Greenhouse at P.S. 290

Votes: 802 | Cost: $500,000

311 East 82nd Street
Construction of a greenhouse as part of the green roof project at PS290. The 800sf greenhouse will provide opportunities to enhance the school’s STEAM curricula & create desperately needed play space.


Computer Carts for 10 Schools

Votes: 768 | Cost: $350,000

NYC Schools (District wide)
32 computers per cart for: P.S. 77, P.S. 198, P.S. 290, P.S./I.S. 217, M. 225, Eleanor Roosevelt, Urban Academy, Vanguard, Manhattan International, and Life Sciences, serving over 5000 students.

District 6
Helen Rosenthal

Public SafetyFunded

UWS CERT Emergency Response and Education Vehicle

Votes: 833 | Cost: $40,000

Upper West Side
Purchase of a vehicle for UWS Community Emergency Response Team to store emergency and educational materials, and create pop-up preparedness events at street fairs, schools, and community gatherings.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Riverside Park Recreation and Activity Area

Votes: 773 | Cost: $250,000

Riverside Park at West 76th Street
An activity and recreation area intended for tweens and younger adults, including facilities for a number of recreation activities.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Picnic Tables for Riverside Park

Votes: 834 | Cost: $65,000

Riverside Park
Purchase and installation of picnic tables made of recycled, durable material capable of withstanding heavy use, weather conditions and permanently secured against theft.


Technology Upgrades at LaGuardia High School

Votes: 896 | Cost: $150,000

100 Amsterdam Avenue
Installation of SMART Boards, laptop carts, desktop computers, and a printing system for a department at LaGuardia High School.


Creation of Library Space at P.S. 191

Votes: 826 | Cost: $350,000

210 West 61st Street
Renovate an existing lounge space to create library space to be used by students and their families at P.S. 191.

District 7
Mark Levine


Riverstone Senior Center Upgrade & Renovation

Votes: 708 | Cost: $210,000

99 Fort Washington Ave.
Grounds renovation outside the entrance would be designed to budget. Priorities such as creating attractive seating areas and enclosing the dumpster would be coordinated with RA leadership.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Green Up District 7

Votes: 449 | Cost: $300,000

West 125th Street to West 155th Street
Planting 100 street trees and installing tree guards.


Science Lab Upgrades

Votes: 418 | Cost: $75,000

425 West 123rd Street
Upgrade three existing science lab classrooms in Columbia Secondary School to align with NGSS standards that will enhance current STEM curriculum.


Improve Technology for JHS 54 Booker T. Washington

Votes: 362 | Cost: $35,000

103 West 107th Street
Laptop cart for middle school students in J.H.S. 54 Booker T. Washintgon School.

Arts, Culture, & CommunityFunded

Save Hamilton Grange! Elevator Repair

Votes: 468 | Cost: $400,000

503 West 145th St.
Restoration to the exterior of the building and water damage within the building. Replacement of the inoperable boiler, the installation of new windows and a workable HVAC system are needed.

District 8
Melissa Mark-Viverito

Parks & RecreationFunded

Nelson Playground Repairs

Votes: 897 | Cost: $500,000

Nelson Playground (Bronx – Highbridge)
This project will put in a fence to separate the benches from the basketball court for the safety of those who utilize the benches. Additionally, water fountain repairs will be made to benefit all.


Playground Renovations at Wagner Houses

Votes: 1286 | Cost: $500,000

Wagner Houses (East Harlem)
Renovation to existing playground at Wagner Houses. The renovation will focus on children with special needs.


Technology Upgrades for PE, CPE and Heritage HS

Votes: 1297 | Cost: $376,200

East Harlem High Schools
Technology upgrades that will impact classrooms at Park East High School, Central Park East High School and the Heritage High Schools, potentially serving approximately 1500 students daily.


Bathroom Renovations: MS/HS 223

Votes: 778 | Cost: $250,000

360 East 145th (Bronx – Mott Haven)
Essential restoration, upgrade, and efficiency enhancement of restroom facilities for our school – M.S./H.S. 223 The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology


Air Conditioning for P.S. 369X, P.S. 179X and 352X

Votes: 630 | Cost: $450,000

468 East 140th St (Bronx-Mott Haven)
Providing air-conditioning to a school building that has three co-located schools – P.S. 369 Young Leaders Elementary, PS. 179 School International Cultures and X352 D75


Air Conditioning at P.S. 108

Votes: 1105 | Cost: $250,000

1615 Madison Avenue (East Harlem)
Air conditioning system for the school cafeteria at P.S. 108 Assemblyman Angelo Del Toro Educational Complex

District 10
Ydanis Rodriguez

Parks & RecreationFunded

Get Fit for Free

Votes: 1019 | Cost: $250,000

Free outdoor fitness equipment: pull up and dip bars, benches, and more; because health and fitness for our youth and people of all ages and abilities in a safe environment matters. ADA accessible.


Science/Media Labs for D6 STEAM Center

Votes: 1170 | Cost: $350,000

K-8 students across all District 6 will benefit from hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering and math; open weekends & evenings for the full community.


P.S. 152/M. 178 Playground Upgrade

Votes: 1015 | Cost: $500,000

Kids have many accidents at this unsafe playground. Safe new ground padding and 2 new play structures would serve both schools and children in the neighborhood currently without a nearby playground.

District 11
Andrew Cohen


Bus Countdown Clocks

Votes: 1035 | Cost: $100,000

Within District 11 (Bx1, Bx10, Bx16, Bx31)
Commuters often wait long lengths of time without knowing when the next bus will arrive. The installation of bus countdown clocks will alert commuters how far away the next buses are.

Public SafetyFunded

District 11 Security Cameras

Votes: 822 | Cost: $300,000

District- wide
Security Cameras for the 50th, 47th and 52nd Precincts within District 11.


District 11 Schools Technology Upgrade

Votes: 963 | Cost: $300,000

PS 94, 340, 16, & 19, In-Tech Academy, & ISL
To provide a technology upgrade for students in the district. $50,000 per school. Includes Laptop carts, smart boards, In-Tech news network program.

Arts, Culture, & CommunityFunded

Mosholu Library HVAC & Roof

Votes: 760 | Cost: $400,000

285 E. 205th Street
Installation of HVAC system, including unit on roof & compressor, air handling units and ejector pump.

District 15
Ritchie J. Torres


Bus Countdown Clocks

Votes: 1374 | Cost: $40,000

Transportation Hubs
Two bus countdown clocks which will help riders know when the next bus will be arriving.

Public SafetyFunded

NYPD Security Cameras

Votes: 1531 | Cost: $350,000

Install ten NYPD Security Cameras throughout District 15.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Bronx Park East Physical Exercise Equipment

Votes: 1165 | Cost: $200,000

Between Waring Avenue and Rosewood Street
Construct physical exercise equipment in Bronx Park.


Mobile Laptop Carts and Smart Boards

Votes: 1494 | Cost: $305,000

M.S.391, P.S.9, I.S.254, Jonas Bronck Academy
Purchase seven carts with thirty laptops each, and ten interactive white boards to be used by students.


Jonas Brock Academy Science Cart

Votes: 1299 | Cost: $62,000

400 East Fordham Road
Purchase a mobile science cart with lab materials for the students of Jonas Bronck Academy.

District 19
Paul Vallone


Bayside High School Music Educational Complex

Votes: 1144 | Cost: $450,000

32-24 Corporal Kennedy Street (Bayside)
Project will fund phase three of state-of-the-art music studio for Bayside High School, which has 350 students in their “Career and Technical Education” music production and performance program.


J.H.S. 194 Auditorium Upgrade

Votes: 1085 | Cost: $550,000

154-60 17th Avenue (Whitestone)
Project would replace lighting, curtains, sound system, flooring, A/V system and auditorium seating. The auditorium is used for both school and community events.


P.S. 193 Auditorium Upgrade

Votes: 1059 | Cost: $500,000

152-20 11th Avenue (Whitestone)
Project would replace lighting, curtains, sound system, flooring, A/V system and auditorium seating. The auditorium is used for both school and community events.


P.S. 79 Gymnasium Upgrade

Votes: 1025 | Cost: $200,000

147-27 15th Drive (Whitestone)
Project would renovate the school recreational space by replacing wall padding, basketball hoop backboards, sound system, scoreboard and additional gymnasium equipment.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Pedestrian Safety Sidewalk and Guardrail

Votes: 987 | Cost: $550,000

Harvey Park (Whitestone/College Point)
Project would create concrete pedestrian sidewalk along the Northbound Whitestone Expy. Service Road between 20th Ave. and 14th Ave. Guardrail would be installed along sidewalk for pedestrian safety.

District 21
Julissa Ferreras-Copeland

Arts, Culture & CommunityFunded

Technology Upgrade at the Corona Library

Votes: 1000 | Cost: $35,000

38-23 104th Street, Corona
New tablets and computers for members of the Corona Library. Tablets will be available to rent for members with library cards.


New Laptops for P.S. 16Q Students

Votes: 746 | Cost: $80,000

41-15 104th Street, Corona
P.S. 16Q will have new laptops for students to use, expanding the way to educate local students. Local students will learn via interactive lessons on the laptops.


New Smartboards for P.S. 14Q

Votes: 463 | Cost: $80,000

107-01 Otis Avenue
P.S. 14Q will have new smart boards to teach on, expanding the way to educate local students. Local students will learn via interactive lessons on the smart boards.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Brand New Pathways at Park of the Americas

Votes: 570 | Cost: $300,000

104th Street and 42nd Avenue, Corona
Newly paved walkways and playing areas through the Park of the Americas.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Park of the Americas Bathroom Improvements

Votes: 619 | Cost: $500,000

104th Street and 42nd Avenue, Corona
This proposal is for 1/3 of the cost of new stalls, updated plumbing, improved signage for comfort station/restroom.

District 22
Costa Constantinides

Parks & RecreationFunded

Picnic/Gaming Tables Installation in Astoria Park

Votes: 704 | Cost: $250,000

Astoria Park
Place permanent gaming/picnic tables in Astoria Park at locations to be determined by the community.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Water Fountain Project in Astoria Park

Votes: 709 | Cost: $500,000

Astoria Park
Repair or install new water fountains in Astoria Park.


Real Time Bus Countdown Clocks

Votes: 682 | Cost: $480,000

Multiple Locations
Install 24 countdown clocks ($20,000 each) on the following bus lines: M60, Q18, Q19, Q33, Q47, Q69, Q101, Q102, Q103, and Q104 (if project wins, locations TBD by members of the community)

District 23
Barry Grodenchik

Arts, Culture & CommunityFunded

Upgrades at Hollis and Queens Village Libraries

Votes: 751 | Cost: $550,000

Hollis Library & Queens Village Library
Facility upgrades, technology installations, and library materials.


New Audio Visual Systems

Votes: 633 | Cost: $375,000

P.S. 18Q, 26Q, 33Q, 186Q, and I.S. 109Q
New audio visual systems including all necessary technology and auxiliary items.


Technology Upgrades for Local Schools

Votes: 765 | Cost: $548,000

Individual Schools are Listed in Description
Laptop carts and smart boards at P.S. 33Q, 178Q, I.S. 109Q, Queens High School of Teaching, Business Technology Early College High School, and P224Q at PS 205Q and P.S. /I.S. 266Q.

District 26
Jimmy Van Bramer


Playground Upgrade for P.S. 112

Votes: 1169 | Cost: $500,000

25-05 37th Avenue, Long Island City
The play yard needs to be resurfaced and needs equipment such as swings and other items suitable for children in grades K-8. The Kindergarten children have a small play area and only a play tunnel.


Special Needs Playground for P4 at Skillman

Votes: 1437 | Cost: $250,000

24-30 Skillman Ave. (Long Island City)
Install safety surfacing and customized playground equipment that would target the needs of children with autism spectrum disorders grades K-8. This includes ramps, slides, game boards & monkey bars.


Basketball Court Renovations

Votes: 891 | Cost: $1,050,000

Ravenswood and Queensbridge Houses
Replacement of three courts concrete slab will be installed. Three-quarter-inch thick plastic polymer tile that provides a floating surface to help drain water and prevent the concrete from cracking.


Dutch Kills Pedestrian Safety

Votes: 888 | Cost: $300,000

Dutch Kills
Installation of bus bulbs on 31st St. at 36th Ave & 39th Ave. Project will construct full bus bulbs at these bus stops, which will create a seamless path from the sidewalk & subway station entrance.

District 27
I. Daneek Miller


Adaptive Special Needs Playground Equipment

Votes: 527 | Cost: $600,000

P.S 136 & P.S/M.S 147
This project would install playgrounds with special adaptive equipment for General Education and District 75 students at two locations serving four schools in total


STEM/ STEAM Mobile Science Carts for Eight Schools

Votes: 539 | Cost: $294,000

Eight Schools in District 27
This project will provide mobile labs to Humanities & Arts HS, Math, Science, Research & Technology HS, Institute for Health Professions HS, PS/IS 116, Pathways College Prep, IS 192, IS 8, and IS 238


New Laptops for Five Schools

Votes: 943 | Cost: $225,000

Five Schools in the District
The project will provide 250 laptops to five schools in the district: P.S. 36, P.S. 176, P.S./M.S. 147, I.S. 192, Pathways College Preparatory School


Smartboards for I.S 238 – Susan B. Anthony Academy

Votes: 484 | Cost: $125,000

I.S. 238, 88-15 182 Street, Hollis
The project would provide 20 smartboards for the school


Student Bathroom Renovations at I.S. 192

Votes: 703 | Cost: $400,000

I.S. 192, 109-89 204 Street, St. Albans
The project would renovate eight student bathrooms in the school

Public SafetyFunded

Security Cameras in District 27

Votes: 543 | Cost: $70,000

St. Albans & Jamaica
The project will fund two NYPD security cameras to provide safety for residents of the district.

District 29
Karen Koslowitz

Arts, Culture & CommunityFunded

Outdoor Reading Room

Votes: 772 | Cost: $275,000

Forest Hills Library
Utilize outdoor space for a reading room and renovate the meeting room in the library. This would add reading space in a natural environment that will encourage returning visits and customer usage.


Proper Pupil Potties

Votes: 869 | Cost: $350,000

P.S. 144, P.S. 174, and P.S. 101
The complete renovation of select bathrooms at three public schools which are a persistent problem. This will reduce the amount of time and money used to maintain the aging bathrooms.


A Safer Intersection at 71st Ave and Austin St

Votes: 928 | Cost: $400,000

71st Avenue and Austin Street
Installing a single curb extension at the Northeast corner of 71st Avenue and Austin Street. This would help calm traffic along both streets and improve safety for pedestrians on those streets.

District 30
Elizabeth S. Crowley

Arts, Culture & CommunityFunded

Computers, Equipment and Furniture

Votes: 1381 | Cost: $36,000

Ridgewood Library & Maspeth Public Library
Fulfilling a community need by adding more desktop computers along with equipment and furniture to the Ridgewood and Maspeth Public Libraries.


Laptop Carts for Classrooms

Votes: 1546 | Cost: $280,000

P.S/I.S 49, P.S 87, P.S/I.S 119, P.S 153
Providing laptop carts for schools to make the latest technology more accessible for students in the classroom!


Operation Restroom Renovation

Votes: 1223 | Cost: $420,000

P.S./I.S. 49, P.S. 09, P.S. 88
Working and updating bathrooms are essential for the health and hygiene of the students. These renovations are to bathrooms which require and have not received recent repairs or renovations.


Smart Boards for Schools

Votes: 1146 | Cost: $250,000

Grover Cleveland H.S & P.S/IS 87
Fifteen SMART Boards for each of the listed schools will allow for the integration of various technologies within the classroom to improve the learning experiences of students!

District 31
Donovan J. Richards


Classroom Upgrade in P.S. 183Q

Votes: 1145 | Cost: $250,000

2-45 Beach 79th Street, Rockaway Beach
The classrooms are in need of electrical outlets and approximately 35 smart boards in each of the classrooms to help our students further their educations.


Far Rockaway High School Library Upgrade

Votes: 1300 | Cost: $250,000

821 Bay 25th Street, Far Rockaway
The Far Rockaway High School library is very important to the school. It has resources that the students can rely on. But now the library is need of new computers and also an electrical upgrade.


Locker Room Renovations

Votes: 1151 | Cost: $500,000

821 Bay 25th St., Far Rockaway
Far Rockaway Educational Campus is made up of other schools and is in need of a better locker room. It reminds people of a dungeon. The lighting is terrible and can be dangerous


New Weight Room

Votes: 1172 | Cost: $200,000

821 Bay 25th St., Far Rockaway
The Far Rockaway High School weight room needs new equipment so students do not get injured; it also needs new lockers.

District 32
Eric A. Ulrich


Upgrades to 5 Schools

Votes: 744 | Cost: $435,000
P.S. 47 – Tech equipment ($45,000) // P.S. 317 – Tech equipment ($45,000) // P.S. 114 – Auditorium upgrades ($75,000) // Beach Channel Campus – mobile earth science lab cart RCHS ($60,000) // Beach Channel Campus – New exercise room with updated equipment ($150,000) // Scholar’s Academy – Bathroom updates ($60,000)

Parks & RecreationFunded

Upgrades to All-American Park and Sunset Cove

Votes: 443 | Cost: $200,000
Upgrades to All-American Park/Sunset Cove in Broad Channel

Parks & RecreationFunded

Equipment Upgrades to 17th Road Park

Votes: 426 | Cost: $250,000
Equipment upgrades and amenities to 17th Road Park in Broad Channel

Parks & RecreationFunded

Boardwalk Amenities

Votes: 371 | Cost: $50,000
Boardwalk amenities including mile markers, storyboards, and information boards along Rockaway Boardwalk

District 33
Stephen T. Levin


Essential STEM Labs at I.S 318 and P.S 34

Votes: 711 | Cost: $500,000

IS 318, East Williamsburg; PS 34, Greenpoint
Let’s bridge the technology gap and invest in the future for 2,000+ students at two amazing but underserved schools by funding essential STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering & Math) labs at both schools!


Finish the Upgrades with P.S. 261 Computer Carts

Votes: 431 | Cost: $140,000 (Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is allocating $100,000)

314 Pacific Street, Boerum Hill
P.S. 261 is a K-5 school with 800 students. Their wiring was upgraded but to utilize the improvements the students need new computers; four new carts will give them what they need!


Make Our School Cool! M.S. 126

Votes: 449 | Cost: $400,000

424 Leonard Street, Williamsburg
Our building serves 3 schools and 1200 kids and needs wiring for AC in the classrooms and Auditorium! It’s hard to concentrate and be good students when you’re too hot! Give them a chance to succeed!


Hear the Beat! Community Sound Studio

Votes: 530 | Cost: $100,000

114 Taylor St., Independence Towers, W’burg
This project will outfit an existing computer lab as a recording studio, so youth/adults could be trained for music/audio professions. Includes upgrades to the space and all needed audio equipment.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Make Msgr. McGolrick Park Safer

Votes: 483 | Cost: $500,000

Driggs Avenue, Greenpoint
This project focuses on repaving some of the sidewalks along the park and replacing fencing. Current sidewalks are cracked, unsafe for children, and hazardous for wheelchair and stroller access.

District 34
Antonio Reynoso


21st Century Technology at P.S. 120 and P.S. 132

Votes: 1869 | Cost: $285,000

18 Beaver Street /320 Manhattan Avenue
Includes smart boards, laptops, smart tables, a 3-D Printer, a green wall, and solar & weather panels.


A Cool Gym at P.S. 257

Votes: 1467 | Cost: $250,000 (Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is allocating $100,000)

60 Cook Street
An air conditioner in the school gym, which is used throughout the school year and summer programming.


Technology Upgrades at P.S. 239 and P.S. 18

Votes: 1970 | Cost: $400,000

15-17 Weirfield Street /101 Maujer Street
Includes two new laptop carts, two smart tables, a 3-D printers, six smart boards, and forty-two desktops.


Playground Upgrade at Williamsburg Houses

Votes: 1847 | Cost: $350,000

176 Maujer Street – Block 1
This playground will get new benches, play equipment, and a sprinkler system.


Real Time Passenger Boards

Votes: 853 | Cost: $60,000

Ridgewood, Bushwick, and Williamsburg
Real Time Passenger Information in Council District 34. DOT will choose site locations with the City Council office post budget adoption.

District 35
Laurie A. Cumbo


Learning Walls for P.S. 20

Votes: 495 | Cost: $36,500

PS 20 The Clinton Hill School 225 Adelphi Street
Install pin-able writable walls in 20 classrooms for students and teachers to actively co-create learning. 5 temporary walls already increasing learning, initiation, critical thinking and cooperation.


New Technology for High-Need Schools: PS 375 & 532

Votes: 651 | Cost: $310,000

46 McKeever Pl &1025 Eastern Pkwy
Creating a new computer lab at PS 375 and upgrading ancient AV technology in the auditorium at PS 532 will enable students at these two Title I schools to thrive in the 21st century.


Renovate Decrepit Bathrooms at PS 9 & PS 316

Votes: 1024 | Cost: $300,000

80 Underhill Ave & 750 Classon Ave.
Update 6 badly deteriorated bathrooms; includes replacing broken toilets & installing hand dryers.


HVAC System for the Willoughby Senior Center

Votes: 375 | Cost: $500,000 (Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is allocating $100,000)

Whitman Housing Development
HVAC system for the Willoughby Senior Center

District 36
Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.

Arts, Culture & CommunityFunded

Renovate and Upgrade Marcy Library Auditorium

Votes: 410 | Cost: $350,000

617 Dekalb Avenue
Upgrade the multi-purpose room/ auditorium of the Marcy Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library with new electrical, lighting, flooring & shelving.


4 Science Carts for Bed-Stuy New Beginnings

Votes: 350 | Cost: $248,000

82 Lewis Ave
Each Science Cart costs $62,000


New Laptops for P.S. 59

Votes: 307 | Cost: $70,000

211 Throop Avenue
2 laptop carts w/ 30-35 Lenovo laptops each


Smartboards for Smart Kids!

Votes: 301 | Cost: $320,000

PS 289, PS 138, PS 93, PS 243 & Bedford Acdmy
New smartboards for five D36 schools — PS 289, PS 138, PS 93, PS 243 & Bedford Academy. $64K will fund 8 smartboards per school. Includes required electrical & data.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Upgrade Brower Park Basketball Courts

Votes: 289 | Cost: $600,000 (Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is allocating $100,000)

Brower Park
Provide beautiful new surfaces for two of the four basketball courts in Brower Park, including new drainage, pavement and lines.

District 38
Carlos Menchaca


Auditorium Upgrade for M.S. 88 and M.S.136

Votes: 2527 | Cost: $375,000

M.S.88, Sunset Park Prep, I.S.136
These auditoriums are multi-purpose, handicapped-accessible community spaces. The spaces are currently outdated and need upgrades to better serve each school’s internal and local community members.


Library Update

Votes: 3168 | Cost: $450,000

M.S. 88 and Sunset Park High School
The project would involve the renovation of Middle School 88 and Sunset Park High School’s library media center, currently equipped with highly outdated and non-functioning technology.


South Brooklyn Community H.S.& P.S.169 Upgrades

Votes: 2546 | Cost: $380,000

173 Conover St & 4305 7th Avenue
There are no lockers, and thus students are required to carry their belongings, books, etc., throughout the day at SBHS. P.S.169 needs renovations of bathrooms that are in a state of disrepair.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Sunset Park Renovation

Votes: 3494 | Cost: $500,000 (Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is allocating $100,000)

Sunset Park
Repaving, installation of 20 new benches, replacement of existing dilapidated chain-link fences, and adding in picnic tables.


Electronic “Locator” Sign Throughout the District

Votes: 2828 | Cost: $600,000

Install electronic bus signs along the B70, B63, B35, B11, B9, B57 & B61 bus routes. The signs will be posted at busy bus stops. The signs will tell riders the location and arrival time of their bus.

District 39
Brad Lander

Arts, Culture & CommunityFunded

“Mobile Studios” for Artists and Orgs in Gowanus

Votes: 1122 | Cost: $150,000

Parks, Plazas, and Street-ends in Gowanus
Three “mobile studios” – small, mobile workplaces – for artists and community organizations that will enliven underused areas and engage the public on local issues like displacement and resiliency.

Arts, Culture & CommunityFunded

Create Teen Space at Carroll Gardens Library

Votes: 1321 | Cost: $350,000

396 Clinton St, between Union and Sackett Sts
Revamp the library’s mezzanine-level to create more space and add comfortable furniture, outlets, and new lighting – to create an inviting space for teens to use after-school and on weekends


Retrofit 75 Auditorium Lights for Safety

Votes: 1024 | Cost: $200,000

PS 282, 180 6th Avenue, Park Slope
School and after-school groups use auditorium daily. Current lights cast shadows, making steep floor unsafe, and use expensive short-life bulbs. New LED retrofit will fix safety and cost issues.


West Brooklyn Community HS Portable Laptop Lab

Votes: 1275 | Cost: $105,000

1053 41st Street, Borough Park
Three mobile carts with 25 laptops each will travel among classrooms to support instruction and foster IT skills. West Brooklyn Community HS is a transfer high school offering a second chance to high-needs students.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Brand New Dog Run: Areas for Big and Small Dogs

Votes: 796 | Cost: $135,000 (Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is allocating $100,000)

Parade Grounds (at unused southwest corner)
Many Kensington and Windsor Terrace dog owners do not have access to fenced-in space where their pups can exercise and socialize. Project is shared with Council Member Eugene & Borough President Adams

Parks & RecreationFunded

New “Lake Mess Monster” an Aquatic Weed Harvester

Votes: 1692 | Cost: $140,000

Prospect Park Lake
Prospect Park needs a new aquatic weed harvester (aka “Lake Mess Monster”) to remove scum from the lake. Without it, the scum will sink and proceed to rot, causing the water to become toxic.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Year-Round, Freeze-Resistant Drinking Fountains

Votes: 1541 | Cost: $175,000

Prospect Park, 5 Locations along the Drive
The water fountains in Prospect Park are not available to use during the winter months. This upgrade would make 5 fountains along the Prospect Park Drive freeze-resistant and available year-round.


Curb Extension & Safer Crossing- Carroll Park

Votes: 1115 | Cost: $150,000

Intersection of Carroll and Court Streets
The installation of a curb extension at this very busy intersection would shorten the crossing distance and promote pedestrian safety for families and residents using Carroll Park.


Bus Clocks on B67/B69: Know When Bus Arrives!

Votes: 1533 | Cost: $240,000

McDonald, 7th and Flatbush Avenues
Install bus countdown clocks that display real-time information about bus location at 12 B67/B69 stops. This will help mass transit users estimate wait times and make better travel decisions.

District 40
Mathieu Eugene


Computer Lab Updates for Local Schools

Votes: 803 | Cost: $140,000

PS 249, PS 245, PS 139, PS 6
General technology updates at P.S. 249, P.S. 245, P.S. 139, and P.S. 6


Gymnasium Upgrades at Erasmus High School

Votes: 514 | Cost: $150,000

911 Flatbush Avenue
Physical upgrades to the gymnasium


Smartboards for P.S. 92

Votes: 396 | Cost: $175,000

601 Parkside Avenue
Twenty-nine smartboards are needed for PS 92.


Technology Updates for M.S. 2 Parkside Academy

Votes: 489 | Cost: $35,000

655 Parkside Avenue
Various technological updates at M.S. 2 Parkside Academy

Parks & RecreationFunded

Community Barbecue Sites in Prospect Park

Votes: 522 | Cost: $80,000

Lincoln Rd & E Drive; Parkside Ave & E Drive
New-style municipal grills, which are similar to those at Brooklyn Bridge Park Picnic Peninsula.

Parks & RecreationFunded

Kensington Dog Run

Votes: 309 | Cost: $135,000

Parade Grounds
An enclosed Dog Run at the Parade Grounds

Parks & RecreationFunded

Replacement of “Lake Mess Monster”

Votes: 440 | Cost: $140,000

Prospect Park Lake
A vessel that would grind up duck weed and other contaminants that cause visible pollution in the Prospect Park Lake.


Little Red Riding Hood Pre-K Sidewalk Extension

Votes: 199 | Cost: $300,000 (Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is allocating $100,000)

NE corner of Rogers Ave. and Lefferts Ave.
Sidewalk extensions at this corner paired with heavy-duty bollards


Real-Time Passenger Information

Votes: 385 | Cost: $40,000

Lincoln Rd Entrance; Church Ave. B35 Stop
Bus display signs that are visible from a distance and inform riders when their bus will arrive

District 44
David G. Greenfield

Arts, Culture & CommunityFunded


Votes: 1012 | Cost: $500,000

District Wide
Ohel is a premier social services organization throughout the District. This project will supplement funding for a new, state of the art center.


Beth Jacob UPK Roof Top Jungle

Votes: 1006 | Cost: $250,000

Borough Park
The roof of this building will be turned into a brand new, innovate playground for all children in the UPK program.

Public SafetyFunded

Hatzolah Mobile Command Center

Votes: 1269 | Cost: $250,000

District Wide
A vehicle based command center will be a critical part of its response infrastructure in order to help provide top-tier care for all citizens of New York City.

Public SafetyFunded

Security Cameras in Bensonhurst

Votes: 952 | Cost: $200,000 (Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is allocating $100,000)

Install 8 police monitored Argus cameras to deter crime in vulnerable public areas.


Street Resurfacing

Votes: 1334 | Cost: $200,000

District Wide
Repair and resurface roadways that have been identified as dangerous due to potholes, ridges and other holes.

District 45
Jumaane D. Williams


Vision Zero/New Bus Pads

Votes: 532 | Cost: $350,000

Routes on Nostrand Avenue and Kings Highway
Bus pads are sections of concrete pavement at bus stops. It would be installed to prevent the weight/heat of the bus from softening the asphalt which damages the street & increases need to resurface.


Technology Upgrades for Midwood High School

Votes: 1011 | Cost: $400,000

5800 Tilden Avenue, Brooklyn
The equipment in the Cafeteria is old and worn-out due to several water conditions and other issues. Kitchen space needs to be revamped to serve better, more nutritious, food.

District 47
Mark Treyger


Bus Countdown Clocks

Votes: 576 | Cost: $100,000

District Wide
Real Time Passenger Information at high traffic bus stops in District 47.

Parks & RecreationFunded

McDonald Playground – Reconstruction

Votes: 779 | Cost: $500,000 (Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is allocating $100,000)

McDonald Playground
Funds will be used to renovate the children’s play area of McDonald Playground


Technology in Middle Schools

Votes: 422 | Cost: $150,000

521 West Ave, 8310 21st Ave, 2630 Benson Ave
Technology upgrades in Rachel Carson High School, Brooklyn Studio Secondary School, and Kingsborough Early College School.


Technology in High Schools

Votes: 459 | Cost: $150,000

I.S. 281, I.S. 228, and I.S. 239
Technology upgrades in I.S. 281, I.S. 228, and I.S. 239.


Technology in Elementary Schools

Votes: 711 | Cost: $200,000

P.S. 212, P.S. 216, P.S. 97 and P.S. 188
Technology upgrades in P.S. 212, P.S. 216, P.S. 97 and P.S. 188.