Volunteer as a Budget Delegate or Facilitator

Delegates and Facilitators make the real work of democracy possible. Delegates meet regularly in the fall and early winter to narrow down the list of project ideas, research the community’s needs, and work with city agencies and staff to develop concrete proposals for the ballot. Facilitators guide the Delegates in this process, helping them focus on equity and meet key deadlines. Join a committee that most interests you — like Parks, Transportation, Public Safety, Education, Youth, Public Housing, and Arts & Culture! Delegates must be at least 11 years old or at least in 6th Grade and have a meaningful connection to the district, for example live in the district, work in the district, own a business in the district, attend school in the district, or be a parent of a child attending school in the district. Sign up here or contact your district with questions.

Volunteer as a Poll Worker

Poll workers are community members like you, who help operate vote sites during Vote Week to bring the ballot to the people. Volunteers receive training, and can then work for a few hours or a few days. Sign up here! 

Join your District Committee

Each participating Council Member convenes a District Committee that meets regularly to provide oversight and assists with planning throughout the PBNYC process. The District Committee should be representative of the entire district, both geographically and demographically. Are you interested in helping to ensure that PBNYC reaches everyone in your district? Would you like to provide input on outreach strategy and strengthen community participation? Contact staff in your district office to learn more.

Join the PBNYC Citywide Committee

The PBNYC Citywide Committee guides and supports the PB process across participating districts. The Committee is made up of community based organizations, Council Member Staff, District Committee members from Council Districts and individual members representing their community.

Please contact pbnyc@council.nyc.gov to learn more or apply.

(We are no longer accepting applications for Cycle 8. Please check in late spring to apply for the Citywide Committee. Thank you)


Find out if your District is taking part below.

2 Carlina Rivera Manhattan
3 Corey Johnson Manhattan
4 Keith Powers Manhattan
5 Ben Kallos Manhattan
6 Helen Rosenthal Manhattan
7 Mark Levine Manhattan
8 Diana Ayala Manhattan/Bronx
9 Bill Perkins Manhattan
10 Ydanis Rodriguez Manhattan
11 Andrew Cohen Bronx
15 Ritchie J. Torres Bronx
16 Vanessa L. Gibson Bronx
17 Rafael Salamanca Jr. Bronx
19 Paul Vallone Queens
22 Costa Constantinides Queens
26 Jimmy Van Bramer Queens
27 I. Daneek Miller Queens
28 Adrienne E. Adams Queens
29 Karen Koslowitz Queens
31 Donovan J. Richards Queens
33 Stephen T. Levin Brooklyn
34 Antonio Reynoso Brooklyn, Queens
35 Laurie A. Cumbo Brooklyn
36 Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. Brooklyn
38 Carlos Menchaca Brooklyn
39 Brad Lander Brooklyn
40 Mathieu Eugene Brooklyn
41 Alicka Ampry-Samuel Brooklyn
43 Justin Brannan Brooklyn
45 Jumaane D. Williams Brooklyn
47 Mark Treyger Brooklyn
49 Deborah Rose Staten Island

Don't know your District?