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There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities available through PBNYC:

Participate as a Budget Delegate or Volunteer

Budget Delegates make the real work of PBNYC possible. Budget Delegates meet regularly in the fall and winter to determine their community’s needs, project feasibility and work with city agencies and staff to develop proposals for their districts ballot.

Delegates must be at least 11 years old (or at least in 6th grade) and have a meaningful connection to the district. For example, live in the district, work in the district, own a business in the district, attend school in the district, or be a parent of a child attending school in the district.

Join your District Committee

Each participating Council Member convenes a District Committee that meets regularly to provide oversight and assists with planning throughout the PBNYC process. The District Committee should be representative of the entire district, both geographically and demographically.

Volunteer as a Poll Worker

Poll Workers are community members like you, who help coordinate and operate vote sites during Vote Week in the spring. After receiving training on voting rules and procedures, you may assist for a few hours or a few days.

Are you interested in helping to ensure that PBNYC reaches everyone in your district? Would you like to provide input on outreach strategy and strengthen community participation? Delegates, Volunteers, and Poll Workers make the real work of participatory budgeting possible. Sign up now to volunteer.

Please contact with any additional questions.

Find out if your District is taking part below.

1 Christopher Marte Manhattan
2 Carlina Rivera Manhattan
3 Erik Bottcher Manhattan
5 Julie Menin Manhattan
6 Gale A. Brewer Manhattan
7 Shaun Abreu Manhattan
10 Carmen De La Rosa Manhattan
12 Kevin C. Riley Bronx
13 Marjorie Velázquez Bronx
14 Pierina Ana Sanchez Bronx
16 Althea Stevens Bronx
18 Amanda Farías Bronx
22 Tiffany Cabán Queens
23 Linda Lee Queens
25 Shekar Krishnan Queens
26 Julie Won Queens
27 Nantasha Williams Queens
28 Adrienne E. Adams Queens
29 Lynn Schulman Queens
33 Lincoln Restler Brooklyn
34 Jennifer Gutiérrez Brooklyn, Queens
35 Crystal Hudson Brooklyn
36 Chi Ossé Brooklyn
37 Sandy Nurse Brooklyn
38 Alexa Avilés Brooklyn
39 Shahana Hanif Brooklyn
40 Rita Joseph Brooklyn
42 Charles Barron Brooklyn
45 Farah N. Louis Brooklyn

Don't know your District?