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“The announcement that Mayor Adams’ administration will enact a policy forcing migrant families to leave shelters after 60 days and place them in congregate settings is irresponsible and demonstrates poor planning. It risks creating chaos, disrupting the ability for children to successfully attend their schools, situating them in unsafe conditions and at worst, leaving families to sleep in the city’s streets.


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The report was commissioned by the Council and proposes a dynamic, time-based charge on delivery vehicles to reduce congestion and incentivize more efficient deliveries

New York, NY – Today, transportation and traffic analyst Charles Komanoff released Taming New York City’s E-Delivery Gridlock, a report to the New York City Council that proposes charging package delivery vehicles (such as those operated by Amazon, UPS and FedEx) a per-minute charge for the time they occupy the City’s most congested streets and curb spaces.