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District 27

Nantasha Williams

Jamaica, South Jamaica, Springfield Gardens (North)-Rochdale Village, St. Albans, Hollis, Queens Village, Cambria Heights, Laurelton, Jamaica

What is the Jamaica Neighborhood Plan?

The Jamaica Neighborhood Plan will provide a long-term vision for a more resilient and thriving Jamaica. The plan will support more housing, jobs across many industries, public space improvements, and local infrastructure investments.
The plan aims to:
  • Provide a shared vision for the future of the neighborhood.
  • Plan through a participatory process that includes community leaders, community organizations, City agencies, and the general public.
  • Identify how and where we grow.
  • Coordinate investments in infrastructure and services.

What is the status of the plan?

The planning process will be organized in four phases with the first two phases including an extensive public outreach process. The four phases of the planning process include:

Phase 1: Organize

Connect with the communities to develop an outreach and engagement plan

Phase 2: Learn

Develop a shared vision and goals for the future of the neighborhood

Phase 3: Create (We are here!)

Create: Build recommendations to address key community priorities

Phase 4: Finalize

Synthesize ideas into an action plan

Draft Zoning Framework

On Saturday February 10 at the working group summit, we shared draft zoning concepts which is a sketch of how we’re thinking of approaching the zoning section of the neighborhood plan based on what we’ve heard so far. Below is a copy of the draft zoning framework. We’ll continue to update the draft we shared in February and share another draft later in March

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Draft Zoning Framework

Planning topics

The Jamaica Neighborhood Plan team outlined six overarching topics to steer community discussions, planning, and research efforts.


Public Realm & Open Space

Public Health & Safety


Economic Opportunity & Education

Arts & Culture

A Vision for Jamaica

Vision statement

The Jamaica Neighborhood Plan aims to establish a forward-thinking strategic framework for the future of the community in Jamaica. A comprehensive vision statement and guiding principles were crafted to accomplish this goal, capturing the community’s core values and collective vision for Jamaica’s desired future. This collaborative process involved extensive public engagement and input from local officials, residents, and community organizations, leading to the adoption of the following vision statement:

Jamaica is prosperous thanks to its affordability & inclusivity, diverse community, investment activity & business opportunities

The vision for Jamaica intends to inspire current and future community members to work together to build a better neighborhood.

Guiding principles

A set of shared objectives or themes emerged through the public engagement process. These themes evolved into overarching principles that will inclusively shape the planning process and future strategies.

  1. Improve quality of life in the neighborhood for current and future residents
  2. Maintain cultural Diversity and nurture inclusivity in Jamaica
  3. Achieve equitable health and safety outcomes for current and future residents
  4. Preserve and bolster Jamaica’s rich multicultural history
  5. Create a climate-resilient and environmentally just Jamaica

As we continue to develop this study, the guiding principles will continuously change and shift as we collaboratively identify the priorities for the future of Jamaica.