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District 36

Chi Ossé

Bedford-Stuyvesant (West), Bedford-Stuyvesant (East), Crown Heights (North)

Chi Ossé is the Council Member for New York City’s 36th District, representing Bedford-Stuyvesant and North Crown Heights. He entered politics as an organizer and prominent figure in the Black Lives Matter movement. At 23 years old, Ossé was elected in 2021 as the youngest member of this Council and its only member hailing from Gen-Z.

Ossé is the co-Chair of the Brooklyn Delegation. His work is focused on implementing innovative and human-centered public safety solutions and investing in solving New York’s housing crisis. More broadly, he recognizes the immense power of municipal spending and is an outspoken advocate for budget justice.

In his first term, he passed life-saving legislation to provide anti-overdose medication to bars and nightlife establishments across the city, and a legislative package to tackle Gotham’s Public Enemy Number One: rats.

Ossé recognizes local government as democracy in its most impactful form, and works to faithfully represent the people of his district while building New York City into a beacon of prosperity and successful governance for the nation to follow.