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District 36

Chi Ossé

Bedford-Stuyvesant (West), Bedford-Stuyvesant (East), Crown Heights (North)

Every leader is only as effective as the team behind them. Here in the office of City Council District 36, we are proud to have build a team of highly-capable people from diverse backgrounds who are committed to the job and to our constituents. Feel free to reach out and get to know us!

Chief of Staff

Naomi Hopkins is an experienced veteran of New York government. She has worked in both the State legislature and the City Council in several roles. Naomi deeply understands the system, allowing her to be a thoughtful team leader and effective at bringing resources to our communities. Her role is to supervise and lead the team, elevating it to its full potential. See below – she is doing a great job.

She can be reached at

Director of Policy and Budget

May Vutrapongvatana is a lawyer, a boxer, and legislative wizard — a true triple-threat. She is responsible for the legislative side of our office: developing and passing laws and designing the budget. She also leads our efforts with the Participatory Budgeting Program and our co-chairmanship of the Brooklyn Delegation.

She can be reached at

Director of Communications

Elijah Fox is responsible for how you see us. He makes sure New York knows what we are up to, through crafting our written materials, creating our social media strategy and content, and managing our relationship with the press. If at any point while consuming material distributed by our office or watching our TikToks you giggled quietly to yourself or thought in passing, “oh, that was clever,” it was likely thanks to his writing.

He can be reached at

Director of Strategic and Community Partnerships

Arlean Gillin directs all that happens within New York City Council District 36. Everything from constituent services to community events to our world-famous Wellness Wednesday Program falls under her purview. How does she handle this portfolio without succumbing to exhaustion? She draws energy directly from the electric buzz of our Brooklyn blocks. And she is a superhero.

She can be reached at

Scheduler and Office Manager

Christina Serrano ties it all together. She is the first point of contact for our office and manager of a schedule whose volume and complexity rivals that of the President.

She can be reached at

Constituent Services Liaison

Tasheika Gordon is the primary liaison between our office and the community. We understand constituent services to be the foremost responsibility of our office, making her work central to the mission. Constituents bring in a wide range of cases, from seeking affordable housing to dealing with City agencies. Tasheika handles them all with sharp conviction and tireless grace.

She can be reached at