Department of Sanitation (DSNY)- Snow Response

Snow response is a year-round process see how the DSNY plans and organizes months before winter weather conditions strike here.

NYC Department of Mental Health & Hygiene (DOMH)- Cold Weather Resources

Cold and winter weather can bring dangerously low temperatures, heavy snow, strong winds, ice, sleet and freezing rain. People can get sick, injured and even die from cold temperatures and winter storms. Spending time in the cold — indoors and outdoors — can be dangerous, especially for people who:

  • Are homeless and not in shelters
  • Drink heavily or use drugs
  • Are 65 years and older
  • Are infants
  • Have certain medical conditions, such as heart and lung disease, high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Have serious mental health conditions or developmental disabilities
  • Have physical disabilities that limit mobility

There are resources to help keep you and your family safe during cold weather, see here Emergencies: Extreme Weather Cold Weather – NYC Health.

NYC Housing Preservation Development (HPD) – Heating Regulations

As “heat season” begins, the city reminds tenants, owners and landlords of temperature requirements for all apartments, and the availability of financial assistance for owner-occupied properties. All residential building owners are required to maintain indoor temperatures at 68 degrees when outdoor temperatures fall below 55 degrees during the day. Indoor temperatures must also be a minimum of 62 degrees overnight, regardless of outdoor temperatures. Building owners are legally required to provide hot water at 120 degrees year-round. See the Heat and Hot Water Information from HPD here.