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District 18

Amanda Farías

Soundview, Castle Hill, Parkchester, Clason Point, Harding Park

Welcome to The Office of Council Member Amanda Farías’s Staff Directory. Our District Office is located at 778 Castle Hill Avenue and it is currently open to serve you. We encourage residents to call ahead of time and make an appointment, but walk-ins are welcome! Please reach out to our office to address any questions or concerns you may have via phone at 718-792-1140 or electronically by email at

In Community, 

Council Member Amanda Farías and District 18 Staff

Scheduling |

Chief of Staff | Randi Malman |

* This member of our team is currently on leave please reach out to any of the below team members.

Deputy Chief of Staff | Rebecca Nieves |

Director of Communications | Courtney Curd |

Assistant Director of Constituent Services | Marco Luna |

*Este miembro de nuestra oficina habla español

Constituent Liaison | Anthony Rozario |

*This member of our team speaks Bangla

Constituent Liaison | Nicole Potes |

*Este miembro de nuestra oficina habla español

Administrative Assistant | Jenna Garzon |