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District 38

Alexa Avilés

Red Hook, Sunset Park, Greenwood Heights and portions of Windsor Terrace, Dyker Heights, and Boro Park

Local Initiatives

Thank you for your interest in applying for City Council discretionary funding. The application-filing period for Fiscal Year 2024 is now open. We are beginning to honor budget meeting requests in priority order. Please view further details below.

The application deadline for discretionary funding is February 21, 2023. Late applications will NOT be accepted. If you would like to understand more about discretionary funding policies and procedures, click here.

To apply, please access the portal here. For applications in progress, you may access the portal here.

Our office will require one supplemental form from applicants after the application has been submitted. You can find that intake form here.  In addition, for reporting purposes, we will require of those groups who are approved for discretionary funding through our office an additional supplemental form upon close of the award period. This brief questionnaire will be posted here in the coming weeks, and will be due at the close of the year for approved grantees only.

If you have any questions about the City Council Discretionary Expense Funding Application policies and procedures, please reach out to the City Council Finance Team at

Capital Requests

Thank you for your interest in applying for Capital Funding from District 38 for FY2024. The application process for this upcoming fiscal year is open. The deadline to apply for capital funding from the New York City Council is MARCH 23, 2023. Late applications will NOT be accepted.


If you are a school in our district applying for Reso A Capital Funding, we encourage you to review this document from the School Construction Authority (SCA) in advance of your application. The deadline for our district schools to apply for Reso A funding is MARCH 1, 2023. Please submit your capital request via our online form located here.

Non-City Agency

If you are a non-city agency with non-profit status seeking capital funding from the NYC Council, we encourage you to review eligibility guidelines here. As noted in the eligibility guidelines, it is the organization’s responsibility to review requirements in full, provide necessary documentation to the City for final approval and review post-designation requirements. For more detailed information visit:

The deadline for non-city entities to apply for capital funding from the New York City Council is March 23, 2023. If you are applying to BOTH the Borough President’s Office AND the New York City Council, your deadline is February 23, 2023. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. For further information, and to access the application portal, please visit: Capital Grants (

Meeting Requests for Discretionary or Capital Funding

Due to extremely high demand, our office will hold budget meeting requests with groups who were funded in FY23 by our office OR new groups who serve the residents of District 38 and who we did NOT meet with in the last fiscal year. Currently funded groups may begin requesting meetings at this time, however new applicants will have to first submit a completed application before a meeting request can be honored.

For those who meet the above criteria, we ask that you use our online scheduling tool found here to request a meeting with our Legislative and Budget Director. Meeting requests for Local Initiatives and Capital Requests will be honored during the months of January and February. Meeting requests for Member Designated Initiatives will be held during the months of May and June. If you have multiple requests, you may request for either time period. We will honor a total of one meeting request per organization.

Meeting Requests Regarding the Preliminary and/or Executive Budget

Due to the extremely high number of meeting requests, we ask that all groups interested in meeting with our office regarding concerns with the Mayor’s citywide preliminary or executive budget please request a meeting using our scheduling tool located here. All Citywide budget meeting requests will be honored during the months of March and April.

The above guidelines may be adjusted as appropriate.

Thank you.