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By Jessi Mitchell

NEW YORK — The Big Apple’s newly designated rat mitigation zones have the highest numbers of complaints and inspections, and they need the most help. Around one block of Hamilton Heights, the beasts find feasts of trash.

Videos showing rats flooding the trash on sidewalks have been flooding District 7 Council member Shaun Abreu’s inbox lately. The rodents can even be seen darting around in the daylight.

“The administration knows where they’re coming from,” Abreu said. “It’s just a matter of deploying the resources and getting them out as soon as possible. But I got to say that it’s significant that Harlem is getting special treatment.”

At 545 W. 146th St., one man inspected his recent poison work, finding the body of one victim, which alerted others to the danger there. The allure of the feast proved to be too irresistible for the remaining rats seen scurrying through the piles.

“The rat knows where to get its food, and we have to cut those food supplies.” Abreu said.