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District 39

Shahana Hanif

Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Columbia Waterfront, Gowanus, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Borough Park, Kensington

New York Times – Shahana Hanif, a city councilwoman who is chairwoman of the Council’s Immigration Committee, said the rhetoric around right to shelter is “dangerous” and the city should provide additional funding to organizations like Catholic Charities, which will operate the new welcome center, and hire more translators and provide better food for the arriving migrants [Read More].


Huff Po – Shahana Hanif, the first female Muslim member of New York’s city council, told HuffPost that Miller should be removed, and that she does not believe he could be objective.

“For him to be able to take on a position that will give him a broader impact to an outlet that many of us trust is just another reminder of just how Muslims in our city are treated,” Hanif said.


AM New York – “Under a blazing sun,  City Council Member Shahana Hanif, Immigrant Committee Chair said, ‘We cannot keep relying on a patchwork of mutual aid organizations and immigrant rights groups, we need a robust and coordinated response from all levels of government,’ She called for federal action both is providing assistance and addressing the southern border crisis.”


Washington Post – Reyes muses that in February, universal composting felt “pie-in-the-sky.” Now, though, he feels like they are right on the cusp.

Council member Shahana Hanif, the lead sponsor of the legislation that would mandate universal residential composting, says that going forward, smaller initiatives are crucial “as a legislator to lean on, to better understand how we should be scaling up.” [Read More]

Brownstoner – Current Park Slope councilmember Shahana Hanif said she’s glad the developer has followed through on their prior commitment. “The selection of Lidl is a win for our community that would not have been possible without the advocacy and input of the Community Stakeholder Group,” Hanif said in a statement. “In 2016, the [community group], working with my predecessor, initiated discussions with the project developers to ensure that a full-sized, affordable, high quality community supermarket replaced the Key Food.” [Read More]

City Limits – Together, the two city agencies issued 2,427 fines to vendors during this most recent 12-month period, a 33 percent increase compared to 2019, when police alone issued 1,609 tickets. These recent figures don’t include the latest police summons numbers for the second quarter of 2022, so the total will be even higher. In July 2021, the number of enforcement staff at DCWP was eight;


New York Times – The image of children sleeping on hard plastic chairs in an office lit by fluorescent lights harkens back decades to a grittier era of New York, an image that Mr. Adams would like to erase as he seeks to attract the Democratic National Convention in 2024. That effort may already be hampered by the perception — which he sometimes propagates — that serious crime is spinning out of control in the city.


Gotham Gazette – Council Member Shahana Hanif, a Brooklyn Democrat, has introduced legislation to create a citywide curbside organics program for residential buildings. Council Member Sandy Nurse, also a Brooklyn Democrat and chair of the Council’s sanitation committee, has introduced bills to enshrine the zero waste by 2030 goal into law and require regular reporting on progress by the administration.