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These issues, which have long plagued the city’s labor market, are among what New York City Council Members hope to address through the creation and dissemination of an “immigrant workers’ bill of rights.” While there are already existing federal, state and local laws that protect immigrant workers regardless of status, many immigrants aren’t aware of this, according to Council Member Shahana Hanif, who sponsors Intro. 569. The legislation would compile all those protections into a single document to be distributed to employees annually. Employers would also be required to “conspicuously” display the bill of rights in the workplace – or in the case of delivery workers and other app based workers, on the mobile app.

”Equipping immigrant workers with knowledge of their rights will allow them to exercise them when violations occur,” Hanif said. “Additionally, we hope that this will dissuade employers from committing the violations in the first place.” [Read More]