Council Member Sandra Ung on Wednesday helped artist Gerry Vewer unveil his new mural at the intersection of Kissena Boulevard and 60th Avenue. After the unveiling, the Council Member signed her name to a quote she provided for the artwork. 

“I want to thank Gerry for thinking of Flushing when he was searching for a location for his next mural,” said Council Member Ung. “We are always open to artists who want to bring their work to our neighborhood, especially one with such a great message about celebrating our diversity.”

The mural depicts a ring or people holding hands encircling the Unisphere. According to Vewer, it is meant to depict our shared humanity even amid our diversity. The vines around the iconic landmark in Flushing Meadows Corona Park are meant to illustrate our need to connect with our natural surroundings. 

“Flushing is the most diverse community in New York City, and I was happy that the reaction from local residents while I was painting it was very positive,” said Vewer. “I want to thank Council Member Ung for attending the unveiling and adding her own touch to the mural.”

Vewer, who lives in Brooklyn but often visits a friend in Flushing, said he passed the wall many times and thought it would be an ideal spot for his artwork. He spoke with the building owner, who agreed to let Vewer make his vision a reality. Vewer self-funded the project. 

Vewer has painted over a dozen murals in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx – and even one in Miami – since the start of the pandemic.