Council Member Sandra Ung sent a letter to Department of Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez urging the agency to improve signage alerting motorists they are about to illegally enter the Flushing Main Street Busway. 

The council member’s office was alerted that drivers have been receiving summonses, in some cases multiple times, for failing to turn off Main Street at 37th Avenue where the Busway begins. The intersection is patrolled by a traffic camera.

“While the drivers were violating traffic laws, many are doing so unintentionally because they are unaware of the busway’s existence,” wrote Council Member Ung. “I feel more can be done by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to ensure that drivers are aware of the changes, and that summonses are never issued in the first place. 

“I believe the DOT can take some fair and simple steps to alert motorists to these changes without resorting to costly fines,” the council member added.

Read the full letter here.