NEW YORK –New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams and New York City Mayor Eric Adams today announced the full restoration of funding to libraries and cultural institutions in the upcoming Fiscal Year 2025 Budget. A total of $58.3 million will be restored to the three New York City public library systems, while $53 million will be restored to cultural institutions through the Cultural Institutions Group and Cultural Development Fund recipients.

“Our arts and cultural institutions and libraries are foundational pillars of our city, and New Yorkers depend on their services every day,” said Speaker Adrienne Adams. “The Council has consistently championed funding restorations for these institutions as a top priority, and we’re proud to reach an agreement with Mayor Adams and the Administration to successfully secure these critical investments for them in the city budget. Thanks to the Council Members and New Yorkers across the city who fought for this, and to the Adams Administration for arriving at this important agreement for the city with us.”

“Since day one, our administration has been laser focused on delivering for working-class New Yorkers and by working side-by-side with our partners across the hall, we are proud to announce a full restoration of funds to both our libraries and cultural institutions in the upcoming budget. These institutions are a critical part of New York City’s social fabric, which New Yorkers depend on for their children’s growth and the vibrancy of our city. The budget will ensure these essential institutions will have what they need to serve New Yorkers and attract visitors every day of the week,” said Mayor Eric Adams. “With this announcement, we are confident that we are at the end of a productive budget process and look forward to delivering an on-time, balanced budget that invests in the programs and initiatives that our city’s residents care about and that make our city safer, more affordable, and more livable. Thank you to Speaker Adams and our partners in the City Council for joining with us to invest in the future of our city.”