“A Charter Revision Commission is a serious process that should provide legitimate ways for the public to raise issues and improve the City Charter. The undertaking by this Commission, as evidenced by this product, is wholly unserious. Via the Preliminary Staff Report, the Commission has shown a lack of understanding of the legislative process, the charter, and the law, or is intentionally failing to provide the public with total clarity. New Yorkers deserve better. This is a poorly constructed attempt to attack the City Council and its oversight of the executive branch, seeking to undermine representative democracy at a time when the Council is fighting to protect New Yorkers from the mayor’s excessive budget cuts. The lack of independence of this showing has been disappointing and has made a mockery of a very serious process. I once again urge the Commission to avert the unnecessary, obvious rush, produce a sensible process for proposals to be considered for the 2025 General Election, and let voters decide on the advice-and-consent proposal this year.”