In response to the announcement of proposed contracts for The Bronx and Queens borough-based jails with completion dates seven years from now, Council Speaker Adrienne Adams released the following statement.

“The announcement of delayed completion dates in the proposed contracts for the Bronx and Queens borough-based jails is concerning. The legal deadline to close Rikers is 2027, and the Administration must commit towards the investments and alternative solutions previously outlined to help improve public safety, lower the jail population, and close Rikers. The mayor’s administration can begin this work in the forthcoming budget by supporting funding for Justice Involved Supportive Housing, recidivism reduction programs, and mental health court programs and other interventions that connect people to care rather than inappropriately cycling them through the justice system. The mayor has expressed a shared commitment to addressing the mental health gap that leads too many people into our jails, and now is the time for follow-through actions.”