“The failure to take any disciplinary action against the NYPD officers who killed Kawaski Trawick is incredibly disturbing and sends the message that our current system is unable to hold officers accountable for the most serious misconduct which takes the life of a New Yorker. For five years, the Trawick family has been forced to fight for any semblance of acknowledgement and accountability for their son’s killing, but they have only faced significant obstruction by the NYPD. The Department’s extensive delays in providing key evidence to the CCRB was an unjustifiable and shameful reason for Deputy Commissioner Maldonaldo’s recommendation of no disciplinary action. Yet, Commissioner Caban is also under no obligation to follow this advisory opinion, as evidenced by his and previous commissioners’ disregard of disciplinary recommendations for past incidents.

“Ultimately, the Trawick family and all New Yorkers are left without the accountability they deserve from the city’s police department. Kawaski’s life was stolen from him; and the ripple effects of this unimaginable tragedy, compounded by the lack of accountability for these officers’ actions, only further erode public trust. Transparency and accountability are prerequisites to public safety, and today’s unacceptable decision by Commissioner Caban threatens the essential bonds with our communities.”


Background on NYPD Commissioners’ Power to Disregard Recommendations: