In response to Mayor Adams announcing the restoration of certain budget cuts on sanitation services and city parks that were part of his November Financial Plan, Speaker Adrienne Adams and Finance Chair Justin Brannan released the following statement. 

“Keeping our city’s streets and parks clean in every community is vital to the health and safety of all New Yorkers. We are pleased the mayor has reversed course on his own plan, listening to the Council and voices of New Yorkers to protect sanitation services and vital job programs. The Council has said all along the money exists to avoid overly broad cuts and protect essential services relied upon by our constituents. This latest move to restore litter basket services and the Parks Opportunity Program only reinforces the fact that these and many other mid-year cuts were unnecessary. The Council will continue to push the Administration to accurately budget, restore its most harmful cuts, and take a different approach that prioritizes vital services for New Yorkers.”