On Monday, October 30, the Department of City Planning kicked off the public review process for Mayor Adams’ City of Yes for Economic Opportunity citywide text amendment. In response, Speaker Adams, Land Use Committee Chair Rafael Salamanca, Zoning and Franchises Subcommittee Chair Kevin Riley, and Economic Development Committee Chair Amanda Farias released the following joint statement:

“Expanding access to equitable economic opportunities is critical to our communities being healthy and safe, and will facilitate the city’s long-term recovery and success. As the formal public review process for the City of Yes for Economic Opportunity zoning proposal begins, it is important for New Yorkers to engage in this important process. The Council has outlined important steps our city can take to cultivate a renewed industrial sector that provides good-paying jobs and prepares our city for a clean energy future. It is encouraging that the initial proposal includes some zoning changes that are consistent with the goal of supporting industrial businesses and manufacturing. The Council will continue to work with all stakeholders to advance necessary zoning and economic development policies that help achieve our shared goal of strengthening the industrial sector’s role in supporting our city and its economy.”

Council Member Jennifer Gutierrez, who helps lead the M-Zone Coalition comprised of elected officials, advocates, and community leaders advancing the city’s industrial sector, also released the following statement:

“As the City looks toward economic opportunity and sustainable growth, it is imperative that we use this moment to protect our manufacturing districts, which have been ignored for decades, but play an integral role as an economic engine of New York City,” said Council Member Jennifer Gutierrez. “From trash and supply chain management, to large employers and small entrepreneurs – the manufacturing districts have been threatened for decades by the encroachment of commercial and residential uses. I am honored by the Speaker’s support in driving forward the legacy of industrial revitalization with purpose and passion.”