“Today’s decision by a grand jury represents the daily operations of our court system, even if the subject was a former president. Regardless of your last name or wealth, everyone should be treated equally under the law. Non-privileged people in this country have too often faced disparate outcomes and treatment in the criminal legal system. The willingness by some to baselessly make similar claims of unjust legal treatment in this instance for someone benefiting from such immense privileges is quite insulting.

“New York City has handled high-profile legal cases in the past, and we will continue to do so.  It is essential to democracy that the justice system’s process be allowed to unfold, and threats or attacks of any kind against the public officials of our legal system are unacceptable. I thank the everyday New Yorkers who serve on grand juries in performance of their responsibility to our city, as well as the professionals in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and Court system.”