“The Mayor’s announcement today addressing our city’s mental health crises is a welcome one. The isolation and stressors of the pandemic continue to exacerbate the multiple mental health crises already facing our communities, and they require evidence-based solutions and sustained investment.

“People experiencing substance abuse challenges require treatment, not years spent cycling through courts and jails. Instead of criminalization, we must invest in health-based programs that divert people from the justice system and towards treatment, with a focus on racial equity.

“Supportive housing is also one of our most effective tools to address homelessness, mental health, addiction, and re-entry from the justice system. 

“As a city, we must continue to invest in a continuum of care that addresses the root causes of our challenges. We look forward to reviewing the details of this plan and how it is reflected in the city’s budget, as hearings occur over the next days of March.”