“The Fair Student Funding (FSF) formula has long been in need of reform to better support our students and school communities. Today’s announcement that the Department of Education will adopt key recommendations from the Working Group to provide greater funding for students living in temporary housing, as well as to schools with the greatest number of students with disabilities, specialized academic needs, and living in poverty is a welcome step. By allocating an estimated $90 million in new funding for this support, the department has listened to the advocates for our students who participated in the Working Group. We are also encouraged by changes to the budget appeal process and commitments to improve transparency around how DOE issues school budgets, so the public and government oversight entities are not left without basic information.

“Today’s announcement should be a start of efforts to ensure resources are invested in our system where they are most needed. It is critical that the voices and vital insights of parents, students, and educators guide the department to meet the needs of our school communities. We urge the DOE to continue convening this Working Group for evaluation of the funding formulas to ensure they position our schools and students to succeed.”