In response to Mayor Adams’ letter calling for cuts to City Council grants to providers, Women’s Caucus Co-Chairs Amanda Farías and Farah Louis released the following statement:

“At a time when access to abortion and reproductive health care are under attack, we cannot afford attempts to cut funding from the organizations that provide these essential services. Women still make a fraction of the wages men receive, and we know the non-profit service providers that support women and families are the backbone of healthy and safe communities. Community Based organizations are filling the gaps in critical services that the government is failing to provide for all New Yorkers. Any suggestion to strip vital resources from the Council’s women’s initiatives is insulting and dangerous, especially after we took action to provide access to abortion health care through this funding. If we are serious about promoting maternal health care, protecting access to abortion and doula services, supporting survivors of domestic violence, and fostering leadership among young women, the City must honor its commitments to support service providers. Drastic and shortsighted cuts to committed investments will only harm and undermine our communities and their recovery, which we ardently oppose.”