“The path to stability for unhoused New Yorkers begins with a safe, affordable, and permanent home. Today’s announcement by the Administration to expand eligibility for CityFHEPS vouchers, increase staffing at key agencies, and connect New Yorkers directly to supportive housing represents important steps to help alleviate homelessness and transition people from shelters to permanent housing in our city. The successful implementation of these efforts will be essential to removing barriers to these housing programs that have remained, even when the City has expanded investments in them. The Council will continue its role in helping to support the improvement of these programs to benefit New Yorkers. In addition to these important policy changes, the need to remove the 90-day in-shelter requirement to obtain CityFHEPS rental vouchers remains and must be confronted. As a City, we must focus on all necessary actions to help people secure the safe and stable housing they need.”