“New York City voters made clear that they support our city government prioritizing racial justice by confronting the structural and systemic inequities that have long impacted New Yorkers. Black New Yorkers, as well as many other communities of color have long endured disparities in access to economic and educational opportunities, health, and safety. By asserting a commitment to equity, justice, and remedying past harms in the City Charter, City government will be explicitly obligated to address these injustices and creating ‘a just and equitable city for all’ New Yorkers. A new Racial Equity Office, Plan and Commission will be critical to reducing and eliminating racial disparities, while a new measure of the true cost of living will help government more accurately account for the economic pressures facing New Yorkers in our policy decisions. The approval of these ballot proposals are an important step that will require a continued commitment by city government to advance progress for racial justice. I thank the New York City Racial Justice Commission for its efforts to develop these proposals and engage New Yorkers on them, along with the many leaders and New Yorkers who helped support these efforts.”