“New York City students deserve to have the resources and support they need to excel and thrive in the classroom. The Department of Education (DOE)’s decision to use federal stimulus funding to hold schools harmless from mid-year adjustment enrollment declines and provide additional funds for schools with increased enrollment is a positive step. This use of federal stimulus funds reflects how the Council previously urged the DOE to apply them – to protect the health of our schools in light of decreased enrollment. It’s critical that the infusion of funds for schools with more students be made available immediately by the DOE for individual school budgets. I thank Council Education Committee Chair Rita Joseph for her continued efforts and leadership in advocating for this outcome.

“As the Minority Report by Fair Student Funding Working Group members noted, the process for Mid-Year Adjustments lacks needed transparency and simplicity. The DOE’s current budgeting policies and practices fail to prioritize the stability of our schools to serve students, and must be reformed in the best interest of students, teachers, and school communities. It is also essential for schools that continue to receive additional students after this adjustment to be expeditiously provided with increased funding, especially when they are serving many young people from families seeking asylum. While it is encouraging that our school system’s enrollment declines appear to be less severe, the City needs more reliable school budgeting practices that ensure schools receive the funding necessary to maintain stability and achieve success.”