“We are saddened and concerned by the report of a death of a new resident of our city’s shelter system yesterday. The health and safety of all people within our city systems is paramount, and the loss of one of our most recent residents who likely endured great challenges before arriving here is heartbreaking. The City has a responsibility to ensure the effective coordination of services and overall support for all residents in our shelter system. The complexities with meeting the needs of those seeking asylum without family connections here requires additional efforts that we must undertake with the support of our partners at every level of government and the non-profit sector. The Council will constructively work with all stakeholders to ensure the City fulfills its obligation to all of our residents. It is reprehensible that elected officials from other states are transporting individuals and families with children for political gain. They must be accountable for the detrimental impact they are having on the health and overall well-being of these vulnerable individuals.”