Council calls on New Yorkers to submit ideas for projects they wish to see funded

City Hall, NY – Today, Speaker Adrienne Adams and the New York City Council announced the kick-off to the twelfth cycle of Participatory Budgeting and called on members of the public to submit ideas on what projects they want to see funded. This year, 29 Council districts will participate in the twelfth cycle. Vote week is scheduled for March 25 – April 2, 2023.

“It is always critical that we strengthen local civic participation and engagement,” said Speaker Adrienne Adams. “With the return of the twelfth cycle of Participatory Budgeting, New Yorkers are empowered to have a voice on how city funding is allocated to directly improve their neighborhoods. As we begin the process of collecting ideas and crafting projects, I encourage all New Yorkers to get involved in Participatory Budgeting and share your input on community priorities.”

The twelfth cycle marks the Council’s return to participatory budgeting as a legislative body since 2019. The Participatory Budgeting process was on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This cycle also marks the return for five Council Members who previously worked on Participatory Budgeting as staff members of the Council and the first time Council District 25 joins Participatory Budgeting.

Participatory Budgeting gives communities the opportunity to engage in the capital budgeting process and encourages New Yorkers to share ideas and ultimately vote on which community projects receive capital dollars. All New Yorkers over the age of 11, regardless of citizenship and incarceration status, are eligible to vote on projects.

1 Christopher Marte Manhattan
3 Erik Bottcher Manhattan
4 Keith Powers Manhattan
5 Julie Menin Manhattan
6 Gale A. Brewer Manhattan
7 Shaun Abreu Manhattan
10 Carmen De La Rosa Manhattan
12 Kevin C. Riley Bronx
13 Marjorie Velázquez Bronx
14 Pierina Ana Sanchez Bronx
16 Althea Stevens Bronx
18 Amanda Farías Bronx
22 Tiffany Cabán Queens
23 Linda Lee Queens
25 Shekar Krishnan Queens
26 Julie Won Queens
27 Nantasha Williams Queens
28 Adrienne E. Adams Queens
29 Lynn Schulman Queens
33 Lincoln Restler Brooklyn
34 Jennifer Gutiérrez Brooklyn
35 Crystal Hudson Brooklyn
36 Chi Ossé Brooklyn
37 Sandy Nurse Brooklyn
38 Alexa Avilés Brooklyn
39 Shahana Hanif Brooklyn
40 Rita Joseph Brooklyn
42 Charles Barron Brooklyn
45 Farah Louis Brooklyn

To learn more about Participatory Budgeting, visit the Council’s Participatory Budgeting website.