New York, NY – At a Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) hearing on Wednesday, Speaker Adrienne E. Adams submitted testimony in support of proposed rule changes that would expand its ability to investigate complaints. The changes would allow CCRB to investigate complaints of racial profiling and bias-based policing, as well as self-initiate complaints. These significant changes are the result of Council legislation that was enacted, including Local Law 24 of 2022 for which Speaker Adams was the lead sponsor. In her testimony, Speaker Adams expressed her support for these changes.

The Speaker’s testimony states:

“Nearly 30 years after the CCRB was established in its current form to investigate police misconduct, the CCRB will finally have the authority to investigate complaints of bias-based policing, racial profiling and to self-initiate complaints. Local Law 47 of 2021 was passed by the Council last year after an investigation uncovered racist behavior by a deputy inspector who was second in command of the Police Department’s Equal Employment Opportunity Division. While the CCRB has historically handled complaints in categories of excessive force, abuse of authority, discourtesy, and offensive language, there was no CCRB recourse for a complainant who experienced bias-based policing, unless offensive language was used. In those instances, the policing complaints would be directed to the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau, and the offensive language would be sent for investigation to CCRB, creating a bifurcated, confusing system for complainants. Local Law 24 of 2022, which I sponsored, was passed by the Council late last year as well. This legislation provides a critical tool to the CCRB in the ongoing fight against racial profiling and bias-based policing. The CCRB no longer has to wait for someone to file a complaint – it can now undertake its own investigation based on footage that it has come across.”

Speaker Adams’ full testimony is available here.