City Hall, NY – Speaker Adrienne E. Adams released the following statement following Council Member Vickie Paladino’s transphobic comments on social media:

“New York City is the birthplace of the modern LGBTQ+ movement and the Stonewall rebellion. We are a bastion of diversity, acceptance, and inclusion, and take pride in it. Our city must remain a welcoming place that champions justice and equality for all. What makes our city so unique is that despite the diversity of backgrounds, identities, expressions, beliefs, and customs, we are all unified in our shared identity as New Yorkers. An attack against one New Yorker is an attack against all of us. In the Council, we take pride in our mutual respect for one another as colleagues, even in the face of disagreements. But a disagreement stemming from a place of hate and intolerance is where we draw the line.  

“I stand with all of my Council colleagues, LGBTQ+ communities, and New Yorkers in unequivocally denouncing Council Member Paladino’s repugnant views and statements against specific members of the Council and the trans community. A New Yorker’s choice of dress, gender expression or identity must be not only protected legally, but also against vile, hateful attacks.

“Any form of hate, including transphobia, has no place in this city, and certainly not in this Council. The Council is looking into what further action may be warranted.”