“New York City needs a budget that strengthens communities, expands opportunity, and accelerates an equitable recovery to make our city safer. The Council spoke loudly with its unified voice on behalf of New Yorkers and the Mayor’s Executive Budget took real steps to incorporate funding for many critical priorities from our response that we appreciate, including homeless services, housing assistance, summer youth programming, and mental health emergency responses. This confirms that the City has the money to fund crucial services New Yorkers need to thrive, and it represents a step forward in our partnership with Mayor Adams to enact a budget that fosters safer communities. The Council will continue its efforts to secure additional investments in essential areas that require more support to advance our city. We look forward to examining this proposed budget in greater detail, especially the areas of affordable housing, sanitation, year-round youth programs, student support services, and expanded health care access. Together with our Council colleagues, Mayor Adams, and stakeholders across the City, we can enact a final budget that makes us a safer, healthier, and stronger city.”

The Council’s full Preliminary Budget Response can be viewed here. Speaker Adams and leaders in the Council held recent events on the housing components of the response, as well as its health and safety priorities.