New York, NY – Below is a statement from Council Speaker Corey Johnson on the Council’s Dec. 7 petition with the New York City Office of Collective Bargaining to voluntarily recognize the newly formed Association of Legislative Employees, a union that will represent two civil service titles in the Council’s Finance Division. The two titles, which represent 23 staff members, are “Legislative Financial Analyst” and “Senior Legislative Financial Analyst.” This historic action now goes to the Office of Collective Bargaining for certification. Upon certification, we believe the City Council will become the first legislative body in the state of New York to have unionized employees. 

“As the proud son of a Teamster, I am a staunch supporter of labor and deeply appreciate the stability and benefits that unions provide to working families. I am told that it is rare to have a City governmental entity file a voluntary petition of recognition for employees seeking to unionize but I believe that it is important to practice what you preach, especially when it comes to workers’ rights.  That’s why I am so proud to have filed this petition on behalf of our Central Staff Legislative and Senior Legislative Finance Analysts.”