New York – Council Speaker Corey Johnson, on behalf of the City Council, submitted a public comment to oppose the proposed rule by the U.S. Department of Housing and Development to restrict the use of federally-assisted housing for immigrant families. The proposed rule would affect 108,000 people –including 55,000 children—and force households with ineligible members to choose between eviction or family separation. The proposed rule targets 25,000 “mixed status” families by requiring proof of immigration status for rental assistance recipients. 

In the 13-page long public comment to oppose the proposed rule, Speaker Johnson said that the change will have a disproportionate impact on children, people of color, the elderly and people with disabilities.

“We, the Council of the City of New York, are strongly opposed to this proposed rule. It will harm our city’s residents irreparably. It will increase poverty and homelessness. It is unjust, discriminatory, and runs counter to our city’s and our country’s values,” wrote Speaker Johnson.