“It is critical the City adopts a secure and balanced budget that is fair for all New Yorkers and their families. The Fiscal Year 2020 Preliminary Budget marks the beginning of the budget negotiation process, our second with the de Blasio Administration.

“Going into this process we know that the Council, as always, is committed to helping all New Yorkers succeed and support the institutions and programs that uplift this City.

“We know there are challenges presented by the economy, as well as funding shortfalls from the state, particularly in education and social services. We will work with the Administration to get our fair share from Albany. 

“But even while recognizing the challenges, we also know this City’s economy is strong and we will fight for a fiscally responsible plan that protects the social safety net. The Council will detail our priorities, ways to save money and ensure that critical past investments are not diminished. 

“That means fighting for programs like Fair Fares and vital services to the most vulnerable, prioritizing our children’s education, and helping immigrant families. The Council will also fight to prioritize permanent housing for those who need it most.

“These are our values and we will never walk away from them.”