New York, NY – Council Speaker Corey Johnson, on behalf of the New York City Council, submitted a public comment to oppose changes to the public charge rule proposed by the Trump Administration. If the proposal is enacted, it would bar many immigrants who access services from getting a green card or a visa, and it could lead to more poverty and homelessness in New York City.

In the 25-page long public comment in opposition to the proposed rule change, Speaker Johnson writes, “Not only is it a hateful and destructive policy proposal with deeply problematic roots, but it also cuts against New York City’s policies concerning public health, nutrition, and other efforts to help provide immigrant families an equal opportunity to thrive in our city.”

Additionally, the public comment submitted on behalf of the City Council to the Federal Register notes that the proposed rule change “is also unjust, discriminatory, and runs counter to our city’s and our country’s values.”

For a copy of the complete public comment submitted by Speaker Johnson, please email the Council’s press office at