“Today I traveled to Washington D.C. along with members of the City Council’s Women’s Caucus to protest the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to our Supreme Court.

When the vote went down, I was outside the U.S. Supreme Court with Council Members Helen Rosenthal, Karen Koslowitz, Adrienne Adams, Vanessa Gibson, Alicka Ampry-Samuel along with thousands of Americans at a rally condemning the injustice of this appointment.

Many of the speakers were women – including U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren – and many were survivors of sexual assault.

I was blown away by their passion and patriotism. Despite my anger and sadness over the vote, which shows a complete disregard for the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, those women convinced me that better days are coming. This is a huge loss, but it will make us stronger.

Today is a dark day, but we will carry on. We must persist and speak the truth, now more than ever.”