Council Speaker Corey Johnson:

“Even as we experience sustained economic growth, our city is facing challenges and we need a city budget that adequately responds to those challenges. More than ever, federal and state cuts are threatening the City’s fabric as we know it. In this current climate, agencies and the administration as a whole must be held to a higher standard to ensure we are doing all we can to protect our most vital social safety net programs by boosting our reserves and streamlining resources for the long term. I look forward to working with Chairs Dromm and Gibson and all of my colleagues as we ensure that the Council is an equal partner throughout the budget process.”


Council Finance Chair, Council Member Daniel Dromm:

“With the release of the Mayor’s $88.7 billion preliminary budget, the Finance Committee will lead a thorough oversight process that will put our most vulnerable New Yorkers first. Safeguarding our critical city-funded programs against looming federal and state cuts requires us to take a serious look at dramatically expanding reserves for the all but certain rainy day ahead and that means identifying savings and strengthening citywide reserves. I look forward to working with the Speaker and my colleagues to ensure that we arrive at a budget that works for all New Yorkers.


Chair of the Subcommittee on the Capital Budget, Council Member Vanessa L. Gibson:

“From investments in our crumbling public housing stock and transit system, to renovations of our schools and parks, ensuring that our city’s capital dollars are spent efficiently is more critical than ever.”

“Too often, however, these projects are overpriced and take too long to complete. While we applaud investments in new boilers at NYCHA developments around the city, these residents simply cannot afford to wait four long winters to have heat fully restored to their buildings. In the coming months, the Subcommitee on the Capital Budget looks forward to a deep dive into the capital budget of the City of New York to help deliver much needed improvements to city infrastructure more quickly and effectively.”