“This morning’s subway derailment was the latest in a series of distressing events casting doubt on the ability of the MTA to operate efficiently in its current state. Over six million visitors and residents ride the New York City subway system each day, and every one of those individuals deserves to ride in safety. Delays and infrastructure failures are now routine on nearly every line, and this event has further underscored the dangerous point that the system has been allowed to reach.

This was horrifying – both for the passengers directly involved and for all those who rely on the services that the MTA provides. The City Council, through the Committee on Transportation, will work to address the problems plaguing our City’s transit system by holding an oversight hearing to closely examine areas where the MTA has fallen short. New Yorkers need a safe and reliable public transportation system – the status quo is unacceptable. State partners must live up to their responsibility to the people of New York City by stepping up and providing real leadership and investment in the MTA. Our economy and our safety depends on it.”