Over 102,000 New Yorkers voted to for locally-developed capital projects across the city

New York – Today, Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and the New York City Council announced the voting results and winning proposals of the 2016-2017 Participatory Budgeting cycle. During the voting period of March 25th through April 5th, 102,800 New Yorkers voted to allocate over $40 million in capital funding for locally-developed capital projects across 31 Council Districts in New York City.

“This year, we celebrate yet another successful cycle of Participatory Budgeting – this is democracy in action,” said Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. “Again, I want to thank the thousands of New Yorkers across all five boroughs who participated in the 2017 Participatory Budgeting Vote Week. Thanks to you, over $40 million in capital funding will be provided for these projects within your communities, helping restore parks, improve our transit systems, create new learning opportunities in schools, and much more.”

This year, residents in participating districts were also able to vote online as well as the traditional submit paper ballots. New Yorkers cast, 30,414 online votes and 67,014 paper ballots in the 2016-2017 Participatory Budgeting cycle.

Ballots for the 2016-2017 Participatory Budgeting cycle were available in nine languages other than English—Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, French Creole, Korean, Russian, Polish, Greek, Yiddish, Urdu, Bengali—based on local demographics in participating districts. Every district featured digital voting stations at poll sites as well as pop-up mobile voting sites on commercial strips, in community centers and building lobbies using mobile electronic devices provided by Microsoft and Google.

Voting in Participatory Budgeting is open to all residents of participating districts 14 years of age and older. The sole requirement is a signed affidavit stating that the resident lives in the district, removing traditional obstacles to full civic participation such as youth, income status, English-language proficiency and citizenship status.

For the 2016-2017 cycle, 31 Council Members facilitated Participatory Budgeting in their districts. Below are the winning projects for each district:


District 3: Council Member Corey Johnson

Project Votes Category
New Park in Hell’s Kitchen 1,405 Parks and Recreation
Real Time Rider Information at Bus Stops 1,358 Transit
P.S 111 Air Conditioning for the Library 1,323 Education
Grounds Renovation at NYCHA Elliot-Chelsea Houses 1,295 Housing


District 5: Council Member Ben Kallos

Project Votes Category
P.S. 183 Green Science and STEM Lab Classroom 1,514 Education
P.S. 198/77 Playground Renovation 1,139 Education

District 6: Council Member Helen Rosenthal

Project Votes Category
Library Upgrade for P.S. 166 1,761 1761
Air Conditioning for P.S. 9 and Center School Gym 1,398 Education
Technology Upgrades at Frank McCourt High School 1,310 Education
Schoolyard Renovation at P.S. 84 1,304 Education


District 7: Council Member Mark Levine

Project Votes Category
P.S. 125 Courtyard/Playground Upgrade 854 Parks and Recreation
Essential Restoration of Four School Restrooms 781 Education
Douglass Housing Exterior Lightning & Grounds Work 717 Housing


District 8 (Manhattan): Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito

Project Votes Category
Water Fountain Upgrades for East Harlem Schools 2,487 Education
Technology Upgrades for Three East Harlem Schools 1,796 Education
Inclusion of ADA Playground @Washington Houses 1,500 Housing


District 8 (Bronx): Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito

Project Votes Category
Improve Exterior Lighting at Mill Brook Houses 794 Housing
Air Conditioning for M.S. 223 655 Education


District 10: Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez

Project Votes Category
Laptops for Low Income Students 1,792 Education
Science Carts for P.S. 178 1,770 Education
Street Trees & Tree Guards in the Heights & Inwood 1,416 Parks and Recreation
Air Conditioner for Castle Bridge & P.S. 128 1,395 Education
Real Time Passenger Information 1,227 Transit


District 11: Council Member Andrew Cohen

Project Votes Category
Tech Grants for 8 Schools in District 11 1,241 Education
Cameras for the Police Precincts 1,159 Public Safety
Accessible Bathrooms for Disabled Patrons 1,114 Culture and Community Facilities
HVAC System and Wiring for P.S. 81 819 Education


District 15: Council Member Ritchie Torres

Project Votes Category
Laptops in Schools 1,733 Education
Smartboards in Schools 1,599 Education
P.S. 54 Jungle Gym 1,492 Education
NYPD Cameras 1,087 Public Safety
Bronx River Art Center Theater Equipment Facilities 957 Arts, Culture & Community
Tree Guards 423 Parks & Recreation


District 16: Council Member Vanessa L. Gibson

Project Votes Category
Lighting at NYCHA Highbridge Gardens Houses 699 Housing
Smartboards for 3 Local Schools in District 16 675 Education
Laptop Carts for 5 Local Schools in District 16 636 Education


District 17: Council Member Rafael Salamanca Jr.

Project Votes Category
Playground Improvements for M.S. 302 758 Education
Smart Classrooms for 5 Schools in the South Bronx 353 Education
Security Cameras (ARGUS) 340 Public Safety
Bathroom Updates 281 Education


District 19: Council Member Paul Vallone

Project Votes Category
PS 41 Centennial Electrical Upgrade 2,085 Education
NYPD Security Cameras 1,729 Public Safety
Bayside High School 3,200 Student Locker Project 1,603 Education
Whitestone Library Technology Update 1,226 Culture & Community Facilities


District 21: Council Member Julissa Ferreras-Copeland

Project Votes Category
Security Cameras in High-Crime Areas 1,729 Public Safety
New Family Center & Tech Upgrades @ Corona Library 1,726 Culture & Community Facilities
A SMARTer Future for P.S. 28, 14, 127, 143, & 330 1,453 Education
Connect, Learn and Thrive for K-12 Students 1,292 Education
Workout Station at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park 1,071 Parks & Recreation


District 22: Council Member Costa Constantinides

Project Votes Category
New Tree Plantings 1,471 Parks & Recreation
Bus Countdown Clocks 1,206 Transit
Accessible Entrance for Queens Library at Astoria 1,140 Culture & Community Facilities
Technology Upgrades for District 22 Libraries 1,044 Culture & Community Facilities
Solar Panels for Queens Library at Steinway 1,037 Culture & Community Facilities
STEM Lab at The Young Women’s Leadership School 1,036 Education


District 23: Council Member Barry Grodenchik

Project Votes Category
Courtroom for Benjamin N. Cardozo High School 1,096 Education
Smartboards for Local Schools 689 Education
Laptop Carts for Local Schools 686 Education


District 26: Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer

Project Votes Category
Mobile Laptops and Carts for Schools 2,796 Education
Bathroom Repairs and Upgrades for Schools 2,521 Education
Water Fountain Installation at P.S. 112 1,831 Education
Expansion of Teen Space & Technology Upgrade at the Woodside Library 1,636 Culture & Community Facilities
Bus Time Countdown Clocks 1,471 Transit


District 27: Council Member I. Daneek Miller

Project Votes Category
Laptops for Classroom Learning (5 schools) 882 Education
Bus Countdown Clocks/ Real Time Information 718 Transit
NYPD Safety Cameras 674 Public Safety
Laptops for Classroom Learning (4 Schools) 602 Youth
Security Cameras for School Safety 580 Education


District 29: Council Member Karen Koslowitz

Project Votes Category
School Tech Upgrades: PS 139, 220, 99, 175, 196, 0206, JHS 157, JHS 190, and Forest Hills HS 1,617 Education
Library Tech Upgrades: Rego Park, North Forest Park, Forest Hills and Richmond Hill 1,322 Culture & Community Facilities
School Bathroom Renovations: PS 196, 220, 99, 206, 174, 144 1,285 Education


District 30: Council Member Elizabeth Crowley

Project Votes Category
Tech Improvements for District 30 Schools 1,627 Education
Glendale Library Computer & Furniture Upgrades 1,155 Arts, Culture & Community Facilities
Exercise Equipment for Juniper Valley Park 1,056 Parks & Recreation
Bathroom Renovation for P.S. 71 797 Education

District 31: Council Member Donovan Richards

Project Votes Category
P.S. 132 New Kitchen 1,674 Education
Village Academy Greenhouse Project 1,388 Education
Village Academy Tech Upgrade 1,314 Education
P.S. 42 Engineering Computer Lab Upgrade 1,292 Education


District 32: Council Member Eric Ulrich

Project Votes Category
Upgrades to our Schools 288 Education
Amenities for new Playground planned for P.S. 256 across from P.S. 114 206 Education
Adult Exercise Equipment adjacent to Boardwalk along Shore Front Parkway 188 Culture & Community Facilities
Creation of a Labyrinth/Yoga/Meditation Area along Shore Front Parkway 176 Culture & Community Facilities


District 33: Council Member Steve Levin

Project Votes Category
Technology Upgrade for Two Special Needs Schools 1,660 Education
STEAM Lab for Samuel Dupont Elementary School 1,482 Education
New Electrical for AC, Monitor School 1,479 Education
New Lockers for 13 Classrooms, Robert Fulton Sch. 1,171 Education
Real Time Bus Clocks 1,135 Transit
Repair Toddler Playground at Independence Towers 1,083 Housing
STEM Lab for John Wayne Elementary School 1,001 Education


District 34: Council Member Antonio Reynoso

Project Votes Category
Auditorium Facelift at P.S. 147/TYWLS 2,307 Education
Auditorium Upgrade at P.S. 257 2,065 Education
Tech Upgrades at P.S. 319 and EBC High School 1,561 Education
Mini S.T.E.A.M. Lab at P.S. 239 1,514 Education
Modernize our Gym at Hope Gardens Community Center 1,160 Education


District 35: Council Member Laurie Cumbo

Project Votes Category
Running Water for P.S. 241 Science Lab 1,637 Education
Science Room and Technology Upgrade P.S. 705 1,630 Education
Safe Routes to School, P.S. 221 1,447 Streets


District 36: Council Member Robert Cornegy

Project Votes Category
STEM Initiative #STEMsmart 1,371 Education
Technology Expansion #Smarttechkidz #Techsmart 1,321 Education
Carpentry Lab #Buildsmart 1,247 Education
Smooth Streets for Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights 1,203 Streets
Sumner Houses Basketball Court Reconstruction 1,120 Housing
Fitness Initiative #Fitsmart 1,109 Education


District 38: Council Member Carlos Menchaca

Project Votes Category
Security Cameras for Children Safety


3,512 Education
Schoolyard Improvement


2,919 Education
Electrical Upgrade & A.C. Wiring for School’s Gym


2,792 Education
Handball Court Renovations


2,609 Parks & Recreation
Smart Tech for Summit Academy


2,591 Education
Auditorium Lighting and Sound Upgrade


2,502 Education
Bathroom Renovations


2,450 Education
Gymnasium Updates and Remodeling


2,334 Education
A/C Wiring at P.S. 94


2,312 Education
P.S. 24 School Yard Update and Renovation 2,162 Education


District 39: Council Member Brad Lander

Project Votes Category
CHiPS Mobile Showers for Homeless Neighbors


5,293 Culture & Community Facilities
A/C for Sweltering P.S. 230 Cafeteria


4,738 Education
More Street Trees Throughout the District


4,388 Environment
Repavement of P.S. 130 Schoolyard


3,923 Education
Realtime Bus Arrival Info near Subway Stops


3,362 Transit
Bring Water to Thomas Cuite Park (“Froggy Park”)


2,648 Parks & Recreation
FabLab for M.S. 442 Project-Based STEM Learning 2,436 Parks & Recreation


District 40: Council Member Mathieu Eugene

Project Votes Category
A.C. for High Need Schools 1,451 Education
Technology Upgrades 1,152 Education
New Play Yard for Ditmas Park 1,118 Parks & Recreation
Trees for Rogers Avenue 992 Environment


District 44: Council Member David Greenfield

Project Votes Category
Street Resurfacing


2,206 Transit
Safe Streets for Seniors


2,092 Transit
STEMLab for Brooklyn School of Inquiry 2,001 Youth



District 45: Council Member Jumaane Williams

Project Votes Category
P.S.152/315 & Midwood H.S. Schoolyard Upgrade


978 Education
Technology Upgrade at P.S. 109


708 Education
STEM Lab at Brooklyn College Academy 694 Education


District 47: Council Member Mark Treyger

Project Votes Category
P.S. 212 Accessibility


1,424 Education
Security Cameras


1,116 Public Safety
Technology In Schools


932 Education
Gravesend Library Meeting Room


825 Culture & Community Facilities
Bus Countdown Clocks 509 Streets


District 49: Council Member Debi Rose

Project Votes Category
Advanced School Learning Upgrades (ASLU) 873 Education
Clove Lakes Park Adult Exercise Equipment 565 Parks & Recreation


A map of winning projects and full voting results by district can be viewed at www.council.nyc.gov/pb


La Presidenta Melissa Mark-Viverito y el Concejo de la Ciudad de Nueva York anuncian los resultados del Presupuesto Participativo de 2016-2017

Más de 102.000 neoyorquinos votaron a favor de proyectos de capital desarrollados localmente en toda la ciudad

Nueva York – Hoy, la Presidenta Melissa Mark-Viverito y el Concejo de Ciudad de Nueva York anunciaron los resultados de la votación y las propuestas ganadoras del ciclo del Presupuesto Participativo 2016-2017. Durante el periodo de votación del 25 de marzo al 5 de abril, 102.800 neoyorquinos votaron para asignar por encima de $40 millones en fondos para proyectos de capital desarrollados localmente en 31 distritos del Concejo de Nueva York.

“Este año celebramos otro exitoso ciclo del Presupuesto Participativo. Esto es la democracia en acción”, dijo la Presidenta Melissa Mark-Viverito. “Otra vez, quiero agradecer a los miles de neoyorquinos a través de los cinco condados que participaron en el ciclo del 2016-2017 y en la semana de votación. Gracias a ustedes más $40 millones en financiación se asignaron para estos proyectos dentro de sus comunidades, ayudando a restaurar parques, mejorar nuestros sistemas de tránsito, crear nuevas oportunidades de aprendizaje en las escuelas y mucho más”.

En esea ciclo, los residentes en los distritos participantes también pudieron votar en línea, así como con las boletas tradicionales de envío de papel. Los neoyorquinos emitieron 30.414 votos en línea y 67.014 con boletas de votación.

Las boletas para el ciclo Presupuestario Participativo 2016-2017 estaban disponibles en doce idiomas distintos del inglés – Español, Chino, Francés, Árabe, Francés Criollo, Coreano, Ruso, Polaco, Griego, Yídish, Urdu, Bengalí – basándose en la demografía local de los distritos participantes. Todos los distritos incluían votación digital en los sitios de votación, así como sitios de votación móviles en centros comerciales, y centros comunitarios, y en vestíbulos de edificios utilizando dispositivos electrónicos móviles proporcionados por Microsoft y Google.

Votación en el Presupuesto de Participativo está abierta a todos los residentes de 14 años de edad en adelante en los distritos participantes. El único requisito es una declaración jurada firmada que indique que el residente vive en el distrito, asi eliminando obstáculos tradicionales a la plena participación cívica, como ser demasiado joven, el estado de ingresos, la capacidad de manejar el inglés y el estado de ciudadanía.

Para el ciclo 2016-2017, 31 miembros del Concejo facilitaron el Presupuesto Participativo en sus distritos. A continuación se presentan los proyectos ganadores de cada distrito.



市議長馬麗桃與市議會宣布2016-2017年度「參與式預算」(Participatory Budgeting)的投票結果



市議長馬麗桃說:“今年,我們慶祝參與式預算新一年的成功—這是民主的舉措。 再次,我要感謝參加2016-2017年度參與式預算週期的所有五個行政區的成千上萬的紐約市民。 因爲有你,你所在社區的這些項目將獲得超過3400萬美元的資金用來維修公園,改善交通系統,在學校創造新的學習機會等等。”

今年, 在參加投票選區的居民可以選擇在網上投票或傳統的紙投票。 全市共收到30,414張網上投票和67,014張紙選票。

2016-2017年度參與式預算的選票以參加地區的當地人口統計為基礎,提供了英文、西班牙文,中文,法文克里奧爾文,韓文,俄文,波蘭文,希臘文,意第緒語,孟加拉語。 每個參加選區都有的電子上網投票站,在社區中心和樓宇大堂的廣告短片中設有彈出式移動投票點,應用了微軟和谷歌提供的移動電子設備。

本次投票對所有14歲以上的居民開放。 只需要居民提供在該區居住的證明,這消除了傳統的障礙,如年齡,收入,英語水平和公民身份,並充分發揮了公民參與。

在2016-2017年度預算週期31市議員選區參加預算式項目。 以下是各區的受資項目

請登陸 council.nyc.gov/pb 了解所有選區的受資助項目