The Annual Report, “Building a Stronger NYC,” highlights the Council’s key accomplishments of 2016

City Hall – With less than two weeks until Speaker Mark-Viverito delivers her State of the City address, the Council released its Annual Report, “Building a Stronger NYC,” to highlight some of the major work the Council achieved in 2016. From combating systemic racism through criminal justice reforms to bolstering services for our vulnerable communities to expanding the City’s transparency efforts, under Speaker Mark-Viverito’s leadership the Council has taken great strides to improve the lives of all New Yorkers.

“I am thrilled to release the Speaker’s Annual Report—a tool that is meant to enhance transparency between our institution and the public as well as reflect the critical work we are doing to serve our residents,” said Speaker Mark-Viverito. “As New Yorkers will see through this report, the guiding principles of this Council have always been to advance greater fairness and equality across our five boroughs. This report is a proof of our unwavering commitment to New Yorkers.”

“Building a Stronger NYC” is fully accessible online at: .The report covers a range of key 2016 legislative and budgetary accomplishments, including:

  • Strengthening the rights and protections for a range of workers— from caregivers to freelancers.
  • Safeguarding our neighborhoods by securing stricter protocols in gas safety and breaking down barriers to affordable housing.
  • Advancing greater transparency and inclusion between the Council and the public through innovative technology and community media engagement.
  • Bolstering services for our seniors, Immigrants and LGBT youth.

To learn more about “Building a Stronger NYC” click HERE. This report builds on the Midterm Report released by the Speaker last year. Under Speaker Mark-Viverito, this is the first time the New York Council has issued regular reports to the public.


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