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Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said: “If there was ever any doubt about whether Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric truly reflected his intentions, today’s Executive Orders affirm that his agenda will take our country down a dangerous and divisive path. Instead of finding solutions for our broken immigration system, President Trump’s reckless decisions to build a costly wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, attack Sanctuary Cities, persecute immigrants, and restore the deeply flawed Secure Communities program, will only fuel division and foster unfounded fears. Let’s be clear, these proposals are driven by the false narrative that immigrants are criminals – yet what President Trump seems to forget is that America is a nation of immigrants. Immigrants strengthen our economy, enrich our communities and uphold America’s ideals of family, inclusion and compassion. Today, this City Council reaffirms its commitment to doing everything in its power to defend the rule of law and support our immigrant communities. No wall, no bullying, or fearmongering will change that.”

Immigration Chair Carlos Menchaca said: “Our City, neighborhoods of immigrant families, will unite, resist and protect each other. President Trump’s executive orders announced today are not a surprise. We heard this hateful rhetoric during the campaign. While the President orders the building of a wall and a dozen other measures to reinforce our borders, here in NYC, we have already built a wall against hate. While the President orders the end of sanctuary cities and announces aggressive interior enforcement, here in NYC, we are a proud city of sanctuary for every New Yorker and we are working around the clock to ensure that we are prepared to defend immigrant New Yorkers through existing legal support programs. While the President orders a ban on the entry of individuals from Muslim majority countries, here in NYC, we passed a resolution supporting Muslim communities, affirming the religious pluralism of the US, and urging all residents to stand together for peace and understanding. We do not stand with the divisive, inhumane and backward policies that have been announced today.”

Statement by Speaker Mark-Viverito translated below:

“Si alguna vez hubo duda si la retórica de odio de Donald Trump reflejaba verdaderamente sus intenciones, las ordenes ejecutivas de hoy afirman que su agenda llevará a nuestro país por un camino peligroso y divisorio. En lugar de encontrar soluciones para nuestro sistema de inmigración quebrantado, las decisiones imprudentes del Presidente Trump de construir un costoso muro a lo largo de la frontera entre Estados Unidos y México, atacar a las ciudades santuario, perseguir a los inmigrantes y restaurar Comunidades Seguras, un programa profundamente defectuoso, sólo alimentará la división y fomentará temores infundados. Seamos claros, estas propuestas están impulsadas por la falsa narrativa de que los inmigrantes son criminales. Sin embargo, lo que el Presidente Trump parece olvidar es que Estados Unidos es una nación de inmigrantes. Los inmigrantes fortalecen nuestra economía, enriquecen nuestras comunidades y sostienen los ideales americanos de la familia, la inclusión y la compasión. Hoy, este Concejo Municipal reafirma su compromiso de hacer todo lo que esté a su alcance para defender la regla de ley y apoyar a nuestras comunidades inmigrantes. Ningún muro, ninguna intimidación, o temor cambiará eso.”

“今天,川普總統簽署了一系列有關移民的行政令(Executive Order,包括: 在美墨邊境築昂貴的牆、打擊「移民庇護城市」(attack Sanctuary Cities)、打擊移民、和恢復有缺陷的「社區安全計畫」(Secure Communities Program), 這是聯邦移民與海關執法局(ICE)的其中一個項目)。這些行政令肯定了川普總統先前仇恨言辭與他的行為相符合。川普總統魯莽的決定並沒有幫助國家找到解決我們破碎的移民制度措施,而且只會加劇國家的分裂和助長恐懼。這些偏執的移民政策把移民描繪成罪犯,然而川普總統却忘記了美國是一個移民國家。移民加強我們的經濟,豐富我們的社區,並堅持了美國的家庭、包容和同情的理念。在此,紐約市議會重申其承諾,將盡一切力量捍衛法律和支持我們的移民社區。沒有牆,沒有欺凌或恐懼會改變這一點。”