“At a meeting today, an agreement was reached in which Uber will provide more information and data for a study examining the environmental impact of for-hire vehicles in New York City. All along, the goal has been to thoughtfully address the impacts of the explosive growth in the for-hire vehicle industry and it has become clear that we can achieve this through cooperation between the city and the industry in the interest of a range of New Yorkers – among them, drivers, passengers and environmental advocates.

This has been a thoughtful and deliberative process. I would also like to thank Council Members Steve Levin and Ydanis Rodriguez for their hard work. We look forward to a real partnership with the for-hire vehicle industry along with genuine data-sharing that will give us a better picture of their impact on our streets.”

• Council will not vote on Int. 842 tomorrow and has agreed to table the bill.
• Uber will provide trip data to a consultant that will conduct a study on the environmental impacts on growth in the for-hire vehicle industry that we hope to complete by the end of the year.
• Uber has agreed to participate in a broader conversation of a number of issues facing the taxicab and for-hire vehicle industries, including accessibility, driver earnings, how surcharges and taxes levied on taxicabs and for-hire vehicles support the MTA and transportation infrastructure, and consumer protections

Bill To Be Voted On:
• Introduction 847-A, sponsored by Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez, would require a study on how growth in the taxi and for-hire vehicle industries has impacted traffic, air quality, noise, and public health by April 30, 2016.