Budget Will Fund Hiring of 1,297 New NYPD Officers, Support Worker Cooperatives, Strengthen the City’s Commitment to Veterans, Combat Human Trafficking, Extend Library Hours, Expand High School Athletic Programs and Provide Free Breakfast and Lunch to Thousands of City Students

City Hall – Today the City Council voted to adopt a balanced and fiscally responsible Budget for Fiscal Year 2016. The budget fulfills the Council and Administration’s vision for keeping New York City safe, fair, and inclusive for all.

Balancing the City’s finances with smart investments that will prioritize public safety, protect vulnerable New Yorkers and bolster job creation, the FY 2016 budget includes funding to hire 1,297 more NYPD officers to the beat and provide free breakfast and lunch to tens of thousands of students. Additionally, the FY 2016 Budget Agreements expands access to critical City services for veterans, seniors, immigrants and youth, and establishes a Citywide bail fund to save New York City millions of dollars in incarceration costs.

“This on-time, fiscally responsible budget will uplift New Yorkers and make a difference in every neighborhood across this great city,” said Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. “From establishing a Citywide bail fund, to creating new jobs for young adults, to strengthening the City’s commitment to veterans and hiring 1,297 more NYPD officers to keep us safe, our budget makes New York City a better place to call home. I thank Finance Chair Ferreras-Copeland and all my colleagues for their work on this budget that moves New York City in the right direction.”
“The City Council can be proud of the Fiscal 2016 Adopted Budget because it is clear that we had a strong hand in its creation and the priorities it reflects for our City,” said Council Finance Chair Julissa Ferreras-Copeland. “In marking this achievement, we must also thank and congratulate the Administration for their readiness to engage and work collaboratively with us. Through the Speaker’s leadership and her skill at the negotiating table, the City Council can decisively declare this year’s on-time budget an inclusive, transparent, and fiscally responsible one that will provide vital services and uplift New Yorkers in every neighborhood across the five boroughs.”
“Today’s budget agreement reaffirms our City’s commitment to investing in the great work of our neighborhood libraries as well as harnessing the arts and culture to combat inequality,” said Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer. “As Chair of the Cultural Affairs and Libraries Committee, I am proud to have led the fight to secure hundreds of millions of dollars for our City’s libraries, cultural institutions and arts organizations. This funding includes a $43 million investment to restore six-day library service in every borough and strengthen our City’s ability to uplift every New Yorker. This investment will also allow our City to reach millions of more New Yorkers and provide them with the free resources and technology that has successfully helped pull so many out of poverty for decades. We have also significantly increased funding for culture and the arts by giving emerging arts groups access to funds in every corner of our City. These tremendous investments will help grow our City’s cultural footprint and expand access to ensure we remain the world’s premiere destination for the arts and culture.”
The $78.5 billion includes $280 million in Council initiatives that will support New Yorkers throughout the City.

Specifically, the FY 2016 Budget Agreement will:

Hire 1,297 NYPD Officers to the Beat

The City Council has led the charge to increase NYPD headcount to strengthen community policing and to keep New Yorkers safe. By limiting overtime spending and civilianizing an additional 415 jobs, the City Council worked with the Administration to secure 1,297 additional officer positions and return 415 more officers to the beat.
Increase Funding for the City Council Unaccompanied Minors Initiative

The City Council will provide an additional $500,000, for a total of $1.5 million, to provide every unaccompanied minor in New York City with an attorney, and to provide immigrant adults with children in the surge docket with legal services, health care, education, and social services.

Establish a Citywide Bail Fund and Make New York City More Just For All New Yorkers

The City Council is committed to making New York City more fair for all New Yorkers. The City Council will provide $1.4 million to establish a Citywide Bail Fund to keep those accused of non-violent, low-level offenses out of jail. The Council’s Bail Fund will provide bail of up to $2,000 and will save the City millions of dollars in incarceration costs and will help make the City’s criminal justice system more just.

Support New York City’s Veterans

The City Council honors and respects New York City’s veterans. Working with the Administration, the Council will provide nearly $2.8 million to support New York City’s veterans.

In addition to doubling funding for the Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs and increasing support for homeless veterans, the Council will also provide funds to assist with job placement, legal and mental health services and to enhance the Council’s Veterans Initiative.

Create Year Round Jobs for Youth and Expand the Summer Youth Employment Program

The City Council is committed to creating and expanding job opportunities for high school students. The Council will provide $12 million to establish a new year round jobs program for 6,000 young adults and $21 million to provide approximately 50,000 students with Summer Youth Employment jobs.

Additionally, the Council will add 950 summer youth jobs through the anti-gun violence initiative.

Expand Senior Services and Support Holocaust Survivors Living In Poverty

The FY 2016 budget includes a total of $25,185,585 dollars to expand services to New York City’s aging community. This funding includes $1.27 million to create new City Council initiatives that will support healthy aging, $3.8 million for all types of naturally occurring retirement communities and $1.5 million to assist Holocaust Survivors Living in Poverty.

Combat Human Trafficking

The City Council will provide $750,000 to provide services to survivors of human trafficking in specialty courts.

Eliminate Disparities in Health Care for Immigrant New Yorkers

The City Council will provide $1.5 million in funds to launch the Immigrant Health Initiative, designed to eliminate disparities and increase health care services for immigrant New Yorkers.

Provide Free Breakfast and Lunch to Tens of Thousands of Students

FY 2016 will include a joint investment from the City Council and the Administration to provide all stand-alone middle schools with free lunch and to provide breakfast in the classroom to thousands of students at 530 elementary schools across the City.

Expand High School Athletics

The City Council and Administration will invest $2,400,000 to expand physical education programs and support athletic leagues in small schools. This investment will ensure schools that serve a more diverse student population can participate in sports programs and brings schools into compliance with physical education requirements.

Implement Universal 6 Day Library Service

New York City’s libraries are community hubs that serve all New Yorkers. The Council and the Administration will provide $39 million in FY 2016 to increase access to libraries and implement 6 day library service in every library across the City.

Legal Services for Individuals with HIV/AIDS

The City Council secured funds to support and expand legal services for New Yorkers, including $2.7 million to support those facing eviction and additional funds to help low-income people and individuals with HIV/AIDS.

Increase Funding to Support the Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative

The Council will invest an additional $2.1 million to expand the Council’s successful Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative and create 22 new worker cooperatives.

Hire Additional School Crossing Guards

The City Council and the Administration will hire an additional 80 school crossing guards to keep New York City’s streets safe for students.