“Today, we embark on the beginning of a bright new chapter in New York City’s history. The start of paid sick days for over a million newly qualified workers is a momentous occasion that will help build a stronger, healthier New York that lives up to the promise of uplifting all those who call our great City home.

Though it was a long and arduous journey, the dauntless battle to make sure no New Yorker would be forced to choose between caring for a sick child and putting food on the table was one my Council colleagues and I never stopped fighting and a battle we would proudly take up again to protect the well being of our City.

Guaranteed paid sick days will build up our workforce and strengthen our City and I thank the de Blasio Administration for working with the Council to enact this legislation and our City’s small businesses for their continued input as we move forward with sensible policies that will deliver tangible results for all New Yorkers.

The journey that brought us where we are today is possible in no small part thanks to the tireless advocacy of the Council’s Progressive Caucus, Manhattan Borough President and Bill Sponsor Gale A. Brewer, Bill Sponsor Margaret Chin, Civil Service and Labor Committee Chair I. Daneek Miller and the unwavering support of Mayor Bill de Blasio. Without our critical partners in government and the countless New Yorkers who testified at our hearings, rallied on the steps of City Hall and never stopped fighting for the very principles that reflect the best of our progressive ideals in action, this historic law would not be possible.”