Priorities Include Education, Sandy Relief, Immigration, Health, Gun Violence Reduction, Equal Pay for Women, Aid to CUNY and Funding for LGBT Health and Human Services

Albany, NY — On a visit to Albany today, New York City Council Speaker Melissa-Mark-Viverito, State and Federal Legislation Committee Chair Karen Koslowitz , Finance Committee Chair Julissa Ferreras and Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer unveiled the New York City Council’s state budget and legislative agenda for the coming year. The priorities range from giving New York City the ability to set its minimum wage, funding universal pre-k through a tax on the wealthiest New Yorkers and passing the DREAM Act to restoring aid to CUNY, passing the Woman’s Equality Act, funding for LGBT health and human services and critical Sandy Relief.

Speaker Mark-Viverito said: “These budget and legislative priorities reflect the values and principles of the New York City Council and our commitment to stand up for all New Yorkers. Whether it is passing the DREAM Act, funding universal pre-k or allowing New York City to set its own minimum wage, the Council is dedicated to working with our colleagues in Albany to deliver for New York City. I am looking forward to a constructive and productive dialogue with state legislators on the important issues facing New York’s families.”

“I feel it is only appropriate that NYC should have the power to determine our own minimum wage and develop a sustainable funding stream for UPK and after school programing,” said Council Member Karen Koslowitz. “Our country is built on the ideals of liberty and opportunity, and the DREAM act is consistent with these core American values. As chair of the committee on State and Federal legislation, I am ready to fight alongside Speaker Mark-Viverito and my colleagues to advance these priorities forward.

“As Chair of the Council’s Committee on Finance, I am pleased to join my colleagues in local government to call upon Albany to work alongside us as we advocate for the needs of our residents,” said Council Member Julissa Ferreras. “As we all know, a budget is a statement of our priorities, and I look forward to working with Mayor de Blasio, Speaker Mark-Viverito, and our Albany legislators to establish one that will enhance the lives of New Yorkers living across all five boroughs. I stand united with our Council body in advocating for each of the priorities we have outlined today.”

“Working with our colleagues in Albany is essentially important to the success for working on real, progressive solutions to the issues that face New York City today,” said New York City Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer. “The Council’s agenda for working with Albany shows a dedication to our progressive values, including providing real universal pre-K, passing the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, raising the minimum wage for New York City, increasing funding for HIV & AIDS programs, and raising the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption threshold. The New York City Council’s state legislative agenda, led by Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito shows a strong call for progressive reforms in our City.”

Detailed NYC Council State Agenda Here

Summary of 2014 New York City Council Budget And Legislative Priorities


Economic and Revenue Measures

Personal Income Tax & Education

• Provide Secure Funding for Universal Pre-Kindergarten by Authorizing the City to Raise its Personal Income Tax on Income over $500,000
• Enact an Improved Renter’s Tax Credit Targeting Rent Burdened Households
• Restore the Non-Resident Income Tax (Commuter Tax)
• Aid Small Businesses by Extending the General Corporation Tax Credit on the City’s Personal Income Tax
• Eliminate the Property Tax Exemption for Madison Square Garden
Spending Measures

• Fulfill the Promise of a Sound Basic Education
Higher Education
• Raise Base Aid for CUNY
• Restore CUNY Program Cuts
Human Services
• Increase Funding for the Youth Development Program
• Increase Funding for the Summer Youth Employment Program
• Fund a Homeless Rental Assistance Program
• Include Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Funding in the Budget
• Rescind the Human Services Cost-of-Living Adjustment Delay
• Increase HIV/AIDS Welfare-to-Work Funding
• Public Health Awareness and Prevention Funding Consolidation
Health and Mental Health
• Strategic Investments in HIV Prevention and Care
• Reject Change in Funding Model for School-Based Health Centers
• Nurse-Family Partnership
• Allocate Expanded Low-Income Housing Tax Credits Fairly
• Capital Funding for the New York City Housing Authority
• State Funding to Implement Hudson River Park Infrastructure
• Increase the Minimum Wage for New York City
• The New York State DREAM Act
• Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility
• Repeal Urstadt
• Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act
• Women’s Equality Act
• Reducing Traffic Fatalities
• Raise Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption Threshold
• Allow Baccalaureate, Advanced Degree Programs, and Certain Educational and Training Activities to Count Toward the Satisfaction of Work Activity Requirements for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program
• Establishing Rewards for Reports of Violations of the City Cigarette Tax
• Election Reform
• Sandy Relief
• Reducing Gun Violence
• Translation of Orders of Protection